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 A Capitalist Game2002-11-24 15:02
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I have introduced a little capitalist experiment to my family in the form of a game. You know, capitalism is when you have some capital and you look around for what you can invest it in, in order to get it to grow as much as possible, so you get more back. That is as opposed to the worker / poor person / paycheck-to-paycheck mentality, which is that you look at what stuff you have, and you go work to get money so you can buy. some nicer stuff. Most of my life, including at this moment, I've been in that second category, spending all my money every month, or sooner, and I've had quite some disdain for the capitalist way of thinking. But, hey, I'm open to re-evaluating things once in a while. And what I do like is the idea that wealth is when you do more with less, and create big results with small means. So, here's the simple game:

Each of us, me, my wife Birgit, my son Zachery (16) and my daughter Marie (19), start with 100 dollars. The object of the game is to make it grow. We will check each week how we're doing. Since we all, me included, have very little idea on how to do it, we might support each other as to where to look for means that might work. But the idea is to develop some kind of business, preferably multiple streams of income, that will expand with as little work as possible, even while you sleep. And you'd be free to use no money at all, or to borrow money, and to involve other people's talents, etc.

I'm tired of working myself into the ground, and having my family just sort of take that for granted. Both they and I need an education in how to work smarter rather than harder. As to my kids, they would otherwise be ready to just go out and join the job market, get a low-paying job, and spend it all every month on buying stuff on credit. That's not really a legacy I'd like to leave them with.

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24 Nov 2002 @ 20:13 by shawa : Fact is...
... I taught that too, to my kids. They work for our own project (which is not a business, BTW) - don´t have to join the slaving crowd, produce creative money (my eldest - 24 - is making clothes and sells them, and my youngest -19 - takes care of all public relations, for which she gets paid. Both sell the "organic" product of their gardens to friends who love the nice salads and things). People give me money to find creative solutions to their problems, I then give part of this money to my kids, who in turn give me part of the money they receive, etc, following each other´s REAL needs. The money game can be fun - if you´re free of the emotional/cultural baggage that comes with it.  

20 Dec 2014 @ 00:51 by Troi @ : KWQYfPuasXfq
To me the key issue is that members sholud sit for rolling 7 year terms with an absolute ban on re-standing.That way there is no conflict of interest between voting for what you believe is right and building support within your party grouping for advancement and re-selection.  

23 Dec 2014 @ 19:03 by Karla @ : ThMROJwFsGNHIOQ
Dear Ming,I have not previously been a seoprtur of the Liberal Democrats. I did however have great respect for you, both from your time as spokesman on foreign affairs and during your time as leader of your party. I sincerely hope that you continue to have a significant front bench role as your knowledge, experience and sincerity are needed more than ever in these times of spin .I am 35 years old. To me, your age was nothing but an asset. Why others in your party did not agree with this I do not know.  

3 May 2016 @ 04:41 by Donyell @ : JbzitBXlWeHApnOH
Continuo na mesma. Qual é o conceito que v. diz que é a priori e não a pol.erioritExpsique lá isso, sff, já que acha que os espanhóis entendem mas nós não.  

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