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The eyes of a child

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 The eyes of a child2002-11-24 23:18
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"Something animated and vital looks out from our childrenÂ’s eyes. Whatever it is, we recognize it and know it is precious. Yet except in rare cases today, that spirit is broken early and irreparably. The light goes out all too soon. We know, because at some inarticulate and dimly conscious level, we are those children. We feel the wind of spirit move us at odd moments, but put it down to nostalgia or temporary possession by some impractical flight of fancy. We shake it off and get back to work. Robbed of a voice to speak of these things, something animated and vital looks out from our own eyes, but only in rare, unguarded moments -- and even then, wary, circumspect, suspicious. We let no one see what we fear no one will understand." --Chris Locke

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19 Dec 2014 @ 22:59 by Diaa @ : ysqsPQdByHAraFbbqZyR
This movie was well made and acted but bored the hell outta me! SOOOO cliched. I can fgrvioe some cliches if they also give me something new along with it, but this was nothing BUT cliches. I new what was gonna happen. The ending I saw coming from frame one! Clooney did a great job, I'll admit, it's one of his best performances. But this gets a rental  

23 Dec 2014 @ 18:22 by Gregorio @ : iWEDPaNYRLwxjFC
Two Kids and A Map: Check Engine Light Blazing on a Road Trip? Head to Auto Zone.Good to know! Since my check engine light seems to now come on dnruig EVERY trip, DH bought one of those little things to read the codes but I'm going to keep this in mind.  

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