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 What I know for certain2002-11-26 03:53
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There is very little I know for certain. I know that I am conscious of my own existence, and I'm aware of many changing perceptions of the world I appear to be in, and I have abstract thoughts and feelings related to my experience. That's about it. Anything that my perceptions or my thoughts or my feelings are telling me is something I'm guessing. An abstract over-simplification of something that possibly is real. I have formed a certain extensive mental model of what the world is like, based on what I have perceived and thought, and then tested and verified, but I know it is only my best guess, even when it works well. The only thing I know for sure is that I am conscious right now, and conscious of my own consciousness. One of the first things I notice is that my consciousness returns after times when I haven't been conscious, so one of my first logical guesses is that my own existence is more fundamental than my consciousness, and I keep existing even when I forget to notice it. All that it takes to bring me back is that I notice.

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27 Nov 2002 @ 00:53 by shawa : Very good reasoning!
You stay "you" whether you notice or forget about it.
Hello, YOU. :-)  

27 Nov 2002 @ 02:07 by ming : Me
Zzzzzzzzz ..... hey, what!?, yes, ... oh, HI!! You noticed me, so I must exist.  

27 Nov 2002 @ 03:21 by shawa : LOL
((( friendly hug)))  

3 Apr 2013 @ 06:37 by Dayanara @ : ZzsGMbyWpiJrLCQf
That's 2 cevler by half and 2x2 clever 4 me. Thanks!  

28 Apr 2016 @ 23:54 by Cannon @ : hboXIGJTQqefZEzpSCL
Brinlialce for free; your parents must be a sweetheart and a certified genius.  

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