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 Weblog exchange2002-11-27 22:29
by Flemming Funch

Dave Winer announces that Radio Userland, a popular weblogging program, has a new feature of being able to export all posted entries into a standard format, RSS 2.0. RSS is traditionally the format used for syndicating streams of news postings, but 2.0 is flexible enough to store a whole weblog. I'm going to look into implementing that feature, and hopefully it is flexible enough to store weblogs created in my NewsLog program as well. I'm a bit worried about whether it can handle the pictures. Anyway, what this kind of thing can mean is an easy way of moving from one weblog software to another, an easy way of backing up the contents of your weblog, and it opens the door to programs that can browse freely through the content of many weblogs.

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