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 Online Business Networks2002-12-02 23:21
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by Flemming Funch

I was checking out Ryze.com today, after Seb Paquet mentioned it. It is an online business network. Mostly entrepreneurs I suppose. Self-motivated people who're looking for connections and opportunities. From what I understand, it is something that is working well and growing quickly. So, I'm looking for the clues on what it is that works. The interface is fairly simple. You create a profile, including categories of what you're interested in, and you can search through others' profiles, and find people based on the interests. You can leave messages for other people in their guestbooks, which can be seen by others, and you can flag people as your friends, or put them on your contact list. And you can create your own tribe, which others can join. All sounds good, but what is it that makes it work for people? The simplicity? The critical mass? The fact that people are trying to do business, so they're motivated?

Incidentally, a couple of hours after I signed up for Ryze, Scott Allen called, and he happens to be working on a book about online business networks, including Ryze. And actually he wanted to ask me if I could come up with some success stories from NCN. I've planned for a while to develop some more organized way of gathering feedback on successes and failures. So, maybe I should get moving.

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1 comment

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