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 Who'll read your weblog when you die?2002-12-12 01:53
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I just realized that people I knew who had websites and who died, and who's websites STILL are up, seem, well... less dead. My referer logs still show quite a few people coming from Sasha Chislenko's Great Thinkers and Visionaries page. Which is still excellent, and I'm glad somebody is keeping it up in his memory. And somehow he doesn't quite feel gone, because his website is still up. Nicholas Albery died suddenly too, but the Global Ideas Bank is still continuing as before in other people's capable hands, and is still on my server. But somehow, because our relationship was virtual, I wouldn't be terribly surprised if I suddenly got an e-mail from Nicholas. Another dear friend with a site on my server, Diane Dornbusch, is also no longer with us. And I haven't even cancelled these people's accounts on NCN or anything, because I didn't know what to do with them. Their accomplishments still stand, their websites are still up. You just can't send them e-mail.

When I die, I'd certainly want to continue existing in cyberspace. But now, my point is, a weblog is not necessarily a good format to exist in, if you aren't updating it any longer. It is not a very eternal format. It deserves to be preserved as a historical resource, but if not seen in relation to fresh material, it gets to look dated really quickly.

So, if the material in a weblog could flow, not only into a chronological and categorized and indexed archive, but into something like a mind map. Maybe not all of it, and maybe not looking the same, but I want something that allows me to fill out a mind map of what I'm about and what I've learned, in the same breath I use for posting in my log. It needs to feel integrated, but it would flow into two very different presentation formats. And one of them will be of more eternal value than the other. Maybe, if I will no longer be posting live material, somebody can flick a switch, and it is a different view that is presented as the front to my weblog. Instant Memorial Library, rather than Faded Newspaper of Last Year.

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12 Dec 2002 @ 05:17 by spiritseek : Great Idea
Not only a memorial but a community contributions weblog that can be read over and over again for a future guide or reference. The energy emitted by all members can be felt by all new and older members. Thanks.  

12 Dec 2002 @ 06:26 by istvan : This is the kind of database
i have been proposing for a long time.I think we need ideas on how to make it easy to navigate.Globalpatriot.com,.net,.org are available right now.
Someone needs to buy these domains and set up a website.  

24 Jun 2006 @ 11:52 by johan @ : keep it in mind
have we yet an answer?  

1 May 2016 @ 22:48 by Morey @ : ENelEcoJSeyQwpfMIw
Deafiitnvimente que la auto-estima radica en la persona misma. Obviamente que es nuestra labor como padres ayudar a nuestros hijos a sobrellevar crisis de este tipo que son totalmente normales, y que incluso nos suceden a nosotras mismas. Hay días mejores que otros, yo hay veces que no me quiero ni ver al espejo, pero coincide con nuestro estado anímico y actitud ante la vida. Así que animo que todos somos bellos.  

3 May 2016 @ 04:38 by Eternity @ : xYuXuMqZYRVPKNnEA
I was thinking I should probably actually change the name of this bl1&8#g2o1;to something about gardening and cooking. Since that’s probably what it will be like over the winter, at least. Although I’ll definitely be sharing recipes this summer, too, since we’ll be getting all that awesome produce!  

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