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eBay Scam Artist caught by network of Mac enthusiasts

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 eBay Scam Artist caught by network of Mac enthusiasts2002-12-12 18:40
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by Flemming Funch

Jason Eric Smith, a future high school history teacher, was scammed out of his $3000 Apple Powerbook on eBay. But Jason didn't just take it lying down, even though the police pretty much told him to forget about it. Read the great tale about how he involved the whole Mac community, went to great lengths to track down the guy, got good help from a number of people, and with much trouble found a law enforcement person who was willing to act on it, and the guy was arrested, and charged with a whole series of crimes. A story about the power of a network of good people, and a good read at that.

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1 comment

13 Dec 2002 @ 12:22 by sharie : more and more and more
Great story! Somebody'll make that into a movie.

I'm looking forward to seeing the guy's mug shot.

He got greedy. Good to know that's their downfall.  

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