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Misinterpreting Osama's Message

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 Misinterpreting Osama's Message2002-12-16 16:36
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In this article on AlterNet, Diane Perlman points out correctly that nobody seemed to pay any attention to what Osama bin Laden actually said in his last few 'official' messages.
"While media experts were preoccupied with analyzing Osama bin Laden's voice, they failed to comprehend, or even read, his actual words. Speculation about hidden meanings and secret clues totally ignored the obvious intended message, which is so clear that it doesn't even need decoding.[...]

All of bin Laden's messages have a consistent theme, emotional tone and logic. All are about reciprocity, expressed in many different ways. The message from Nov. 12, 2002, began, 'The road to safety begins by ending the aggression. Reciprocal treatment is part of justice. The incidents that have taken place ... are only reactions and reciprocal actions.'[...]

Bin Laden's messages are misinterpreted as unconditional threats and vows to attack. This is incorrect. They are all conditional warnings that whatever we do, they will respond in kind. What is missed by media and political leaders, whether intentionally or unconsciously, is the conditionality, the centrality of our role in provoking retaliation or preventing retaliation and reducing terrorism."
Read the whole article. Of course none of that legitimizes what Bin Laden is doing, but she's right. He says he'll pay back the aggressions, but that he, for example, wouldn't use nuclear weapons first. He is talking about reciprocity. Paying back. Retaliating. Evening the score. But that is not of much comfort, as an immature U.S. government continously supports and carries out plenty of aggressive and oppressive campaigns overseas that he and other terrorists might find ample reason to retaliate against. The escalation could quickly be stopped if the U.S. stopped trying to always get the last word in terms of retaliation, and if it stopped the dangerous planning for preemptive strikes. And, even better, if the U.S. would actually listen, and discover what it is people have been so mad about in the first place.

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17 Dec 2002 @ 15:43 by sharie : Evidence
Is there any direct evidence that Bin Laden planned the 9/11 attack?

Everytime four jumbo jets get hi-jacked in one morning... I get the feeling it was allowed to happen.  

17 Dec 2002 @ 17:55 by ming : Bin Laden
I would sort of think so too. Maybe Bin Laden and his guys planned it, but it was 'successful' beyond their wildest expectations. Which might mean they were lucky, or that somebody else used it as a convenient element of their own game plan. Anyway, AFAIK, the evidence is still very circumstantial, and reading between the lines in various people's statements.  

17 Dec 2002 @ 19:05 by spiritseek : Email
I just got an email that said another attack is going to be allowed to happen in order for our government to have more reason for war.
Beloved Friends,

Some important information has come my way through sources in Washington, DC that you'll want to know about. This convinces me how vitally important it is that we mobilize as a Spiritual Force of Peace as soon as we can, otherwise the tide will continue to turn toward disaster. As most of you already know, the Spoonbenders Course (which begins January 1) is designed to teach thousands of people an ancient technology that has the power to shift the prevailing energies of war toward peace and compassion. This is what we need more than anything, especially in light of the information I'll share with you now.

Sources in Washington (very high and well informed sources) have told me that the Bush Administration has no real interest in the results of the UN inspections taking place in Iraq. They are waiting for any excuse they can find to initiate a war, and if one is not provided then the next step may be to allow another catastrophe to take place, forcing the confrontation. In other words, another terrorists attack may be allowed, or even staged. As terrible as this sounds it would serve the administration's need and push us to the brink of a possible world war. Most people in Washington feel that the timeframe for the war is late February or early March. That is why it is so important that we mobilize a spiritual alternative NOW!

We have sixty-thousand people currently receiving the Spiritual Warrior correspondence. If everyone on that list participated in the Spoonbenders Course and the Great Experiment III on February 9, then we would be a formidable energetic force. I am going to ask that each one of you get one more person to join us, raising the number well over 100,000. I believe that this is the number that we will need to shift things on the level we need.

I hope you feel the urgency of this request. Many of our ancient cultures said we would need to make an important choice at this time in history, and I believe this is it. The sides are being drawn, and each one of us must choose. Are we going to promote peace and compassion, or continue to think that conflict is the path? Please join us in solving these problems with prayer and spirit-led action.

The Spoonbenders Course:
In this four week Internet course (by donation) you will learn how to bend a spoon with your mind, and then apply that same technology to healing the world. Our goal is to have 100,000 people actively practicing this technique on February 9 while I am in Jerusalem with around 100 other Spiritual Warriors.

To view a flash movie on this event, go to http://www.emissaryoflight.com/greatexperiment  

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