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 Entrepeneurial business ideas2002-12-22 23:56
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The photo on the right is by Leonard Nimoy, aka Mr. Spock. Arcticle on salon.com about his love for photographing naked women.

But that wasn't really my point. I'm trying to practice thinking like an entrepeneurial capitalist, so I'm looking for grassroots things people do to set up businesses. If you go to Google and look up "naked women", the first site you get is this site, which has no naked women at all, but it is a little joke page, with a button you can't quite seem to get to click on. And the programmer's page is linked in small print way at the bottom. My point is, he's probably making good business just from that one little link.

But it is better to do something actually useful. See Gizmodo. It is a site for gadget freaks. Everything cool and new in electronic gizmos, information and reviews, in a pleasant and neutral format. But there are some links for being able to buy some of the stuff too. From what I hear those guys are doing well with that. On the order of paying somebody $1K/month for doing writing, and bringing in $5K/month in commissions from the online stores they send people to. Perfect. Everybody's happy.

Several people figured out that they could make a list of the top books mentioned most often in the thousands of weblogs updated recently. Nice service. Shows where people's attention are. But it is also a great little way of making some extra money without anybody having any problem with it. See, the people who compile those lists (using automated programs) will also add their own amazon.com affiliate code to all the links, which means they will get a percentage of any purchases of those books. That certainly doesn't bother anybody.

I use that too if I link to books at Amazon. So, if you right now go and pre-order your new Segway Scooter for 2003 delivery, I'll get a nice commission. Order one for me too now you're at it.

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16 Jun 2005 @ 08:29 by emmanuel : SEO vs SEM
there is a difference between SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine manipulation). if you missappropriately use META Tags that have nothing to do with your content, people waste your bandwidth and waste their time by looking all through your site when they find nothing that they are looking for. it sounds like it is intentional manipulation, this example, but not a good example for modelling your own website business.  

29 Apr 2016 @ 02:56 by Denisha @ : FAnqRrzJuee
You earned it, and more. I do NOT know how you do evi82theng&#ry30; you should start giving time management classes in additon to all of your other projects~ ! Valerie  

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