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 Commence habitation.2002-12-22 23:56
by Flemming Funch

Doc Searls, answering Eric Norlin who was ranting against all the new agey hippie webloggers who think that there is something inherently free and socially just and evolutionary about the Internet, and who himself seemed to think the Net is just like anything else: about making money and whatever other self-gratifying activities people are already into.
Doc: "Well, I guess I'm one of those NewAgers, but I'm an OldAger too, and the crank in me agrees completely. The Net is a new world. You can do all kinds of stuff on it, and with it. ALL kinds. Exclude nothing, because it'll happen. Worlds are like that.

About making money. Ever asked yourself what the business model of rocks is? Of dirt? Of trees? Of rotted plants? Of reproductive urges? Last I looked the building, concrete, lumber, oil and porn businesses were doing pretty well. The difference with the Net is: its resources are infinite. They don't need to be renewed, because they're not scarce. You mine and harvest them by processes like duplication. Take all you want; just don't buy the illusion that you "own" any of it. You don't, any more than you own the air you breathe or the jillion-ton wedge of rock and lava between your yard and the core of the Earth. Deep down, it's a commie kinda place. Deal with it.
Think of the Net as a laboratory for human nature, because it's the first world entirely made by human beings. And as Craig Burton says, we've only begun to terraform it. It's like we created a parallel planet, occupying the same space and time as the one we already inhabit. We're there already and have to make the most of it. Including the fact that some of our founding dreams were wet."

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20 Dec 2014 @ 00:05 by Ahmad @ : IDbMYAwTFAkfoAfRvfBq
"The irony of course is that Luke is in favuor of proportional representation (if I recall correctly). This would pretty much guarantee the Liberal Democrats a place in every future Westminster Government regardless of whether they improved their standing or not."Well, that was the plan in Scotland and Wales. Voters often have other ideas. You certainly get the feeling that they could've thrown their weight behind Ming and carried him through the present crisis if they'd wanted to. It'll be interesting to see whether the consequences of letting him fall on his sword are better or worse than backing him.I think they'll get more at the general election that they've polling now but they could lose quite a few seats.  

23 Dec 2014 @ 18:45 by Mild @ : UiOSBrnPEAJDokoLj
Hi Jeannette thanks for the lleovy comment. It certainly sounds like life has brought you some interesting things lately. Your attitude serves you well. It's true that life is 10% about the circumstances and 90% what you do with them.  

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