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 Digital Reputation2003-01-01 18:52
by Flemming Funch

Andre Durand knows a lot about digital identities. In Anatomy of a Digital Reputation he gives a good overview of issues around digital identity and reputation. Like, on why we even should care about our reputation:
"1) our reputation is often tightly coupled with our sense of self-worth, serving as an external reflection of who we are, or who we wish to be and
2) our reputation can precede our physical being, serving to 'open doors' or generally make our lives more convenient or to close doors, in which case we are blocked from doing something or going somewhere, and we might never know why.

At any moment in time, our reputation is nothing more than a snapshot of our historical interactions with others. If the snapshot supports what we say about ourselves, then our reputation is positively amplified (R+1). If the snapshot contradicts what we have said about ourselves, then our reputation is diminished (R-1).

As reputations bearing any weight and credibility are only built over time, it’s difficult to truly circumvent their creation. This is often why we learn early the value of 'borrowing' a reputation. Namedropping is nothing more than an attempt to place oneself in the positive glow of another’s positive reputation, hoping that it will make our life easier in the process or gain us access to something which we would not normally have access to on our own. How many times have you specifically gone someplace with someone who you knew was bearing the credentials and reputation of being 'well-connected'. (e.g. 'I'm good friends with the owner and he always let’s us in for free.')

Reputations are likely the most important quality enabled by identity and I believe that digital reputations will likely become the core and central reason why individuals will choose to have a digital identity in the future."

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20 Dec 2014 @ 00:20 by Ram @ : FxGOlTmikypCgSvVy
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23 Dec 2014 @ 13:36 by Firoj @ : oWDSgkdNSoWD
re the latest siueors security blunder of Labour: can someone (Vince? Nick?) get out and do something practical to help retrieve the missing disks? Now it's not the time to talk about prevention or blame. Show the public that the LibDems focus on the SOLUTION not the blame just to make them look better (that's what the Tories would do and people are tired of this). At least appear to be making an effort: like warning whoever is holding the disks if they do not hand over to the authority and if they are found to have made copies. Most importantly, find out if the whole thing was pre-meditated. It's imperative that the investigation is under tight control. I don't think this Government is capable of doing. Timing is crucial and much has to be done now.  

30 Apr 2016 @ 01:20 by Lovie @ : GzYiOKmRaMdaBYOH
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