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 Psychedelic Futurism2003-01-08 23:59
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Paul Hughes says some great things about creating wild and exciting future visions:
"The future as told through the present has been awfully grim these days, especially with the almost surreal goverment oppression we're facing. But this article brought a smile to my face, and it was very synchronistic, as I was already on the same wavelengths the last month or so. The last few years, and especially since 9-11, I've had my belly full of futures filled with science and technology gone awry and video games whose sole purpose is to kill and destroy in what is almost always DARK, DANK, and DYSTOPIAN worlds.

Yet when I dream at night, those wonderfully lucid flying dreams that I have often, I recall all of those wild-eyed, trippy, fantastically fun and pleasure filled dreams of far-out futuristic possibilities, when I was a kid. And it got me to wondering about bringing those types of visions to reality somehow. A vision to share with others. With everything going on now, I feel an inexorable drive to CREATE more than ever before. It feels almost like a moral imperative. Perhaps if I can network with other sufficiently tuned-in minds on the planet I can least find some kindred spirits who share a vision of a much better future. A future where fun, pleasure, love and peace are pervasive - Space Colonies, Interstellar pleasure cruise ships, orgasmatrons, sexy computers voices and intimate zero-gravity environments. And for those of you who haven't heard of Ian Banks, I highly suggest you read his books about The Culture, a website I host on this server. Its my hope that I can, as time progresses, continue to tweak and improve the content and quality of this site to better reflect this emerging positive worldview. A future that we, our children, and our mind children can look forward to."
Yes!! Create! Creativity. Imagination. No limits to that. Let's start a Creative Rebellion and out-create the bad news.

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21 Jan 2003 @ 10:03 by altciv : Alternatives to Civilized Addictions
Hi Flemming -

Again, you are right on with this quote! The ways we are going include some good and a lot of bad.
We can find alternatives to greed, power, fossil fuels, dogmatic religions and politics, pointless and joyless lives, massive and mortal deprivation, etc. We who have education, computers, full bellies and other benefits of the old ways are in great positions to demonstrate the various benefits of new and alternative ways. We won't all agree on our alternatives or futures, and that's great.

Namaste, Bill Clift  

29 Apr 2016 @ 04:19 by Elyza @ : sFThzgbVZNQdvCPD
Great po--cs-inconflitt defined as I MUST vs. YOU CAN'T puts my philosophy on what drives stories into a much more succinct form than I've ever been able to. I have a few professors who should read this. ;-p  

30 Apr 2016 @ 01:21 by Jeneva @ : mtffUtWVicpIoePTf
I think you mean Bron7̵w;s gas, which is a mixture of H2 and O2.Probably yes. but Brown’s gas takes a lot of power to produce, more than your electric generator can output, by probably 5:1So you will wind up using 1000 watts of power to produce a few hundred watts.  

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