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Walking Meditation

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 Walking Meditation2003-01-11 15:31
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From Walking Meditation:
"This practice is a variation of Vipassana Meditation.

This is a slow, ordinary walk based on awareness of your feet as they touch the ground. You can walk in a circle or in a line. Take ten to fifteen steps, going back and forth, inside or outside. Your eyes should be lowered to the ground, just a few steps ahead.

While walking in Vipassana, one gives attention to the contact of each foot as it touches the ground. When other things arise, simply notice what took your attention and gently return your focus to your walking. It is the same technique as sitting, but for some, the movement is helpful and can be a welcome change.

Try this for twenty minutes, it can result in a deep awareness... "

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1 comment

12 Jan 2003 @ 19:02 by cho : heel, arch, toes ...
*huh huh ... gotta luv that graphic!*

What I've been doing (and have been told is not mistaken) is to get very physically focussed ... feeling the weight transfer smoothly (keeping the hara on an even keel, so to speak) results in a wonderful feeling of flow. Dunno that this is such a big payoff, and it certainly isn't the point of my meditation practice (I use TaiChi for this) but it sure is pleasant, especially if the sessions are going on for many hours a day, many days in a row. *Richard? comments*

As a note, our sitting schedule is usually something like 40 minutes sitting and 10 minutes walking. I've endured as long as 1:50 sitting and found that simply masochistic. The principle I've received is to sit well for short periods rather than build up aversion with miserable long stretches; it's not meant to be an endurance excercise.  

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