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 Topic Exchange2003-02-04 18:23
by Flemming Funch

The Internet Topic Exchange is a new site inspired by Seb Paquet's idea for Ridiculously Easy Group Forming. The idea is that in one's weblog one identifies a post as belonging to a certain topic, and then, through a mechanism like for example TrackBack a centralized site gets notified of it, and it keeps a global index of stories under each of many topics.

I mention it here because I think that can be a very useful thing, and to make a note to myself to remember to get into the technicalities of it, so that users of my NewsLog program can participate too.

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28 Sep 2004 @ 13:52 by FROILAN @ : PHYSICS
topic in mechanic screw  

19 Dec 2014 @ 21:38 by Mensah @ : PERRkogVuiUp
EXCEPT the last point. I do not believe Ming's rnotgeaiisn was the right thing to happen, willingly or otherwise. People would have looked at LibDem in a different light if they had persisted! Whether you admit it or not, most people off the record will tell you the LibDem will never win . If the LibDem keep making the same mistake, they will just keep getting the same failed result. Nothing will change. Either they go do something spectacular out of the ordinary or might as well forget about it. Ming was the only one who stood out and his age could have been an advantage if only the LibDem applied a bit of lateral thinking: make people think about their own future (I'm not just talking about handouts benefits, I'm talking about how to encourage the older generations to stay healthy/ successful/ independent/ interesting and pass on their wealth of experience to the next generations so the Nation could prosper. So that we have something to look forward to when it is our turn.) I say, if you bring Ming back u can contact me again and I'll help the LibDem to win!!! otherwise, just another missed opportunity and many more failed elections to come. I used to have hope  

23 Dec 2014 @ 17:48 by Mrr @ : eZHumLcHJgqSUZWtnM
the other week about people on Incapacity Benefit was vile, and then there's been the iigomratmin stuff, and the patronising sexist bull he comes out with at PMQs and his revelling in Bin Laden's killing. Not that I shed any tears for the man, I just would have preferred to see him subjected to due process. This whole thing isn't doing our party any favours, but I do believe we are limiting the Tories. We're not getting everything we want, and I absolutely hate some of the welfare reform stuff, but this Government is doing good, liberal things.We haven't become Tories if you want to see the difference between us look at Lynne Featherstone's body confidence campaign which is making some progress on one hand compared to Nadine Dorries' ill informed and bigoted attempt to enforce the teaching of abstinence to girls, because they are clearly the only ones who have sex. There are times I'm very grateful I live in Scotland.The Coalition is here to stay for the forseeable future. This election won't change that, whatever the outcome. I worry that some of the things you propose, like Land Value Taxation, could make life a lot more difficult for some pensioners, students and single parents, for example, who live in city centres. I don't think you can just sit there and leave their rents at the mercy of the housing market which is already pressured enough. And, yes, I know that some Lib Dems like it but what is important is how it affects families here and now. The reality will cause problems for some poorer people.  

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