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Negative Effects of Workplace Net Monitoring

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 Negative Effects of Workplace Net Monitoring2003-02-09 21:34
by Flemming Funch

From Slashdot:
Business2.com reports that while many corporations have monitoring tools and restrictions on Internet usages for non-work related activities, these can have negative effects on the productivity of the workplace. The report notes that people have to take days off from work to deal with personal business that could have been done in a few minutes or hours from a work net connection, and that employee morale is generally down when net controls are in place. A related study suggests employees spend more time doing work from home than playing at work.
I quit my last 9-5 job-job when they started implementing an oppressive central monitoring scheme. Their loss. I won't work for somebody who covertly sits and reads my personal e-mail.

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