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 The world as energy2003-02-24 23:43
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From Open Space and Whiskey River:
"See the world as energy, and become responsible for your energy. Realize that everything you do, say, and touch, everything you pass - even for a fleeting second - is affected and changed by you. You impact the animals and plants; the air, water, and buildings; and people - the energy of each drops or rises to reflect the subtle etheric pressure you place on it.

When you are angry, fearful, mean and vindictive, the energy of the room you are in starts to wobble and act chaotically. It metaphysically starts to implode. Anyone standing nearby will be robbed of energy and pulled down. Everything gets sucked into the vortex of your negative implosion.

With perception comes responsibility. Understand that if you are infinite you are everywhere, and you can be anywhere, and you are inside all things, and you affect them. Remember that the solidity of the world is an illusion created by the speed at which atoms oscillate. If they slowed down just a little, you'd be able to walk through walls. In an out-of-body experience, you have consciousness inside a subtle body that we believe weighs four grams. You can pass right through the wall.

In effect, physical reality is both opaque and ethereal - just a collective feeling. It's only by habit that you consider yourself solid. In a sense, you are a collection of particles, transmuted from being in the solid-particle state of physical existence to the more ethereal wave-state.

In the wave-state, you are an amorphous oscillation, existing at no particular place in space or time, with no particular human definition. That wave state contains your consciousness and can be driven by your force of will. Through it, you have an immense potential to exert yourself on the etheric reality. The wave can move, so you move. It's everywhere, so you can be everywhere."

-- Stuart Wilde, Silent Power
Indeed. Life is non-local. The illusion of the solid stuff comes from the way we think and feel and perceive.

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25 Feb 2003 @ 08:32 by tdeane : Ah, here it is, in its entirety!
I had the hardest time finding this! Words to truly live by, Ming, and I'll be printing this one out as a constant reminder of what can be depending on the choice. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for this one! Spirit fuel! Zoom! (chuckle) Love ~ Tricia  

25 Feb 2003 @ 10:48 by sharie : Awareness
Thanks Ming. I especially love this part: "the solidity of the world is an illusion created by the speed at which atoms oscillate".

How do you feel about being aware of what's going on in our world?  

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