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Love and the Revolution

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 Love and the Revolution2003-02-25 23:59
by Flemming Funch

From CommUnity of Minds:
"One is not allowed in the modern culture to speak about love, except in the most romantic and trivial sense of the word. Anyone who calls upon the capacity of people to practice brotherly and sisterly love is more likely to be ridiculed than to be taken seriously. The deepest difference between optimists and pessimists is their position in the debate about whether human beings are able to operate collectively from a basis of love. In a society that systematically develops in people their individualism, their competitiveness, and their cynicism, the pessimists are the vast majority.

That pessimism is the single greatest problem of the current social system, we think, and the deepest cause of unsustainability. A culture that cannot believe in, discuss, and develop the best human qualities is one that suffers from a tragic distortion of information. "How good a society does human nature permit?" asked psychologist Abraham Maslow. "How good a human nature does society permit?"

... It is difficult to speak of or to practice love, friendship, generosity, understanding, or solidarity within a system whose rules, goals, and information streams are geared for lesser human qualities. But we try, and we urge you to try. Be patient with yourself and others as you and they confront the difficulty of a changing world. Understand and empathize with inevitable resistance; there is some resistance, some clinging to the ways of unsustainability, within each of us. Include everyone in the new world. Everyone will be needed. Seek out and trust in the best human instincts in yourself and in everyone. Listen to the cynicism around you and pity those who believe it, but don't believe it yourself."

- Donella H. Meadows, Dennis L. Meadows, and Jørgen Randers

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26 Feb 2003 @ 04:32 by martha : thanks ming
I appreciate you taking the effort to bring this wonderful food for thought.  

26 Feb 2003 @ 07:28 by tdeane : If you keep this up...
our computer room walls will be papered with Ming logs.(chuckle) Thank you Ming, this so beautifully simple. Love ~ Tricia  

26 Feb 2003 @ 17:02 by maxtobin : Indeed
Yes Ming you are bringing many gems to our awareness. And of course love is the underlying glue and fuel for the entire creation. It is glorious when embraced, then return to the spell of seperation becomes impossible.  

29 Apr 2016 @ 03:00 by Janesa @ : RiumMsMAoaqTneTFRl
Ã…h, Joan, det er jeg da rigtig ked af at høre. Det er da en underlig beslutning – hvis du har brug for hjælp, er det da meningen, at de skal hjælpe. Jeg hÃ¥ber, du kan finde andre alternativer, og at du trods denne dag fÃ¥r en god weekend al.ngevellKHAina  

30 Apr 2016 @ 01:17 by Starly @ : sGCWtUZVqYDPbukBvnk
Esse esmalte é realmente lindo! eu tenho ele e adoro usar pra ir em festas, acho chique! Beijinhos []Camila Coelho Reso:ndeupMay 5th, 2011 em 12:00 pm, Concordo com vc, flor! Beijinhos querida []  

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