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 Zope2003-03-03 23:59
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Zope seems to be popping up in front of me more frequently recently. Zope is an ingenious, unique, dynamic, modular, web-based software environment written in the Python language. I've had it running on my server since several years, and for a while back then I was really gung ho about it, and was planning on doing all my development in Zope. There's lots of ready-made freely available modules for Zope that very easily makes it do lots of useful things, without any real programming. But when I tried to implement one of my own projects from scratch in Zope I ended up so thoroughly frustrated that I gave the whole thing up. Well, what frustrated me so deeply was the DTML scripting language, which seemed to stop me from doing even the simplest things I wanted to do, for no good reason. I understand things have changed greatly and there are new versions and new frameworks for how to do things, which all sounds exciting. So maybe I should explore that world again. Zope 3's 'Component Architecture' sounds very compelling. I was today looking at a couple of weblogs by prominent Zope people. Jeffrey Shell is a programmer responsible for some key pieces of Zope. Paul Everitt is the former CEO of DigiCool, the company that develops the core of Zope.

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24 Mar 2006 @ 07:11 by Name @ : subject comes here

20 Dec 2014 @ 02:28 by Stephon @ : obIwrYSzfjgCLeQLY
Smarten this PR up. Give us some highlights in blluet points, give those of us not at conference something to come to this site for, eh? We had a branch meeting in the pub last night, and there was no talk of leadership. For any idle trolling hacks, we were approached by a young Conservative activist effing and blinding about Cameron (maybe it was psyops, but he was very in vino and there was lots of angry foulmouthed veritas), and we were planning how to further squeeze the Labour vote which has collapsed (aloong with the local party) so far that we're thinking of putting Labour members on the CITES list. Oh, and the disgraceful media attempts to make Ming's leadership a story came in for a bit of slagging, too. Your trade has lost a good deal of respect this week.  

23 Dec 2014 @ 20:29 by Geliel @ : pMdONazSVFMv
here so far. I joined the party on Ming's eltiaevon to the leadership and nothing that's happened since has made me think that I did the wrong thing perhaps until now, but we'll have to see what happens and where the party goes from here. I do hope that Ming's departure has nothing to do with health worries and that he is able to continue to play a prominent role in politics. Those of us who can tell the difference between politics and Pop Idol need people to represent us!  

29 Apr 2016 @ 04:58 by Kaylyn @ : iKslGrHtCo
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