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 Working Openly2003-03-06 23:59
by Flemming Funch

Andrius Kulikauskas is a champion for working openly. Read his new bigger and bolder proposal for the operation of the Minciu Sodas laboratory. The idea is to publically propose projects, to make clear which people are available, what they're available for, and how much money is needed. Because it is all public, and because people can follow the progress, anybody can provide information and leads that might make projects come together. He outlines a scheme with a range of bigger and smaller projects supporting each other. Oh, and I'm delighted to see a slot waiting for me there. Yes, of course I'd enjoy making knowledge management systems with such distinguished folks.

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19 Dec 2014 @ 23:29 by Ramonz @ : JALxFoDOYCSDzexEf
There is simply no facautl evidence (do we see an emerging theme here?) that the Lib Dems are coming to get you. Win your seat, maybe, and even that would take a 15%+ swing, but certainly not come and carry you off in Simon Hughes big yellow taxi to some secret vault under Clissold Leisure Centre.Was a big scary Lib Dem mean to you when you were a (political) kiddy? Or maybe you object to them on an ideological basis, ie they still have some whilst yours seems to be MIA - except of course the bits about hating Lib Dems, power at any cost and, of course, the arms trade?The idea that the membership of the "yellow peril" are going to go anywhere is risible - look at how few activists the Tories lost after not one dodgy leader, but four!Luke, seriously, please heed my advice on the "meral ece" thread and seek some professional assistance.  

23 Dec 2014 @ 13:27 by Cierra @ : qMCDUUTVjSVULTOAbzWf
These are some seriously dencdeat looking cupcakes!! Thanks for sharing the link -- I'm still drooling from all the amazing cupcake pictures!! Her cookies and savouries look yummy too :-)Kelly @ DesignTies  

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