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 English without French2003-03-16 23:09
by Flemming Funch

Funny spoof on how English would sound if we remove the French words from it. You know, some American politicians thought that if they just changed the name of "french fries" to "freedom fries" they would have gotten back at those damned Frenchies who have a mind of their own. But the French don't really call them "french fries" in the first place, and about 40% of English words come from French, so this is how they might go the full length.

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17 Mar 2003 @ 02:28 by jazzolog : Pardon My---Uhh
Harry Shearer said last night, broadcasting from New Orleans, there is a petition circulating there to change the name of the French Quarter there to---you guessed it.  

16 Jul 2003 @ 19:01 by D @ : Ah
Freedom French has a nice tone to it.  

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