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 Thinking2003-04-05 22:01
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Thinking is one subject I'm really interested in. Our ability to think abstractly is one of the key traits that define what a human is. Yet we seem to have little clue how we do it, or how we might do it better. Our future depends, of course, on what choices we arrive at, individually and collectively. And yet, most of us don't have any better strategy than picking the strongest thought that appears in our head, or our stomach, or wherever it appears, and assuming that this is our answer. Without examining where it came from, and without having the faintest clue as to HOW to think.

I got to *think* about that again, as I saw a page about Edward de Bono's latest book "Why So Stupid?" which seems to reflect just that dillemma, and apparently provide some answers. From the foreword:
"Maybe we have neglected thinking. Maybe we have taken it for granted. Maybe we have believed, and still believe, that there is nothing more that can be done about thinking. We have an excellent 'thinking system' and nothing more needs to be done.

That is where I disagree. We do have an excellent thinking system - but it is inadequate. Our thinking system is all directed at the past. We recognize standard situations and provide standard answers. We have never developed the creative thinking needed to design the way forward. Our thinking is excellent for technology and almost useless in human affairs."
I have several of de Bono's books, which are excellent. And yet I'm a bit suspicious about why somebody needs to write 65 books about essentially the same thing - creativity and thinking. But, whether he could really have said it all in one book, de Bono has some fine tools and insights to offer, and is an undisputed authority in that field. Here's another little tidbit from his website:
"The majority of mistakes in ordinary thinking (outside technical matters) are mistakes in perception. Our traditional emphasis on logic does little for perception. If the perception is inadequate no amount of excellence in logic will make up for that deficiency.

Perception is a matter of directing attention. If you are not looking in the right direction it does not matter how clever you are, you will not see what you need to see."
Right on. It doesn't matter if you eloquently and 'logically' can deduct yourself from one point to the next, if you didn't perceive what really is there, or you were looking at only a small part of it, or you were looking at the wrong thing. Most people have a certain innate sense of logic, but if the input is faulty, so is the result.

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6 Apr 2003 @ 04:51 by maxtobin : Garbage in garbage out eh?
He needed to write all those books so we would think he was clever!! He also had to do something while he figured out how to feel. When you learn how to feel you never miss what you need to attend to!! Meanwhile Alana is laughing room to room about your comments and suspicions regards the sixty-five books. Who is De Bono anyway, didn't he sing with U2?  

6 Apr 2003 @ 06:35 by newdawn : perception
i would like to make a comment about perception. What I have found in my life is that any situation that more than one person experiences at the same time is percevied differently by each person. Even though you may see something very clearly and logically/rationally that does not mean that the other person will see the situation in the same way as you. Every thing in life is a matter of perception...  

7 Apr 2003 @ 14:28 by sharie : To think or not to think, that is the ?
After working with kids for years, I wrote a book called, "Teaching your Pre-teen to Think" where I addressed this very topic because people just don't seem to know how to think. A few do, but most don't. When I was four years old, I decided my parents didn't know what they were doing... This has been a concern of mine for most of my life. Not that I claim to be an expert on the subject because I don't. I consider myself a novice, but when I can't find the answers I'm looking for in life, I often make up my mind to write a book about it, and ask the universe to answer my questions... and then I write it down, and claim that I wrote the book. I have to admit I am the universe (everyone is) so it is an honest claim. I've studied neuro-psychology, neuro-linguistics, NLP, the brain and it's many functions... and still... this topic of *thinking* has yet to be mastered. I experience myself first and foremost as a spiritual being, but I'm also intellectual, emotional, physical, and social, along with some other aspects.

To *think* I must embrace all I am and use the full power of all of my being... not just my brain, not just my neurology, not just my nervous system, not just the intelligent cells of my body, not just the life-force in the oxygen I breathe, not just the intelligence in the water I drink, not just the world I see, not just the sounds I hear, not just the sensations I feel, not just the emotions that propel me, not just the spirit that guides me, not just the light that shines upon me... and not just the fairy-tale dreams of romantic living or the beckoning of the mountain forests with its uplifting waterfalls... I am all of this... I am the earth and the stars, the oceans and the skies... to *think* I embrace all I am... and just love all of me... that's the best thinking I can do at this point.

Suggestions anyone?  

8 Apr 2003 @ 08:04 by spiritseek : Very well put Sharie
I agree whole heartily with the last paragraph. The answers have always been within us, we just have to let them come forth.  

9 Apr 2003 @ 15:18 by sharie : answers within
Thanks Marie. I was thinking the same thing.

Did you know the word "education" comes from the latin meaning "to bring out, to draw forth"?  

28 Apr 2016 @ 20:42 by Rangle @ : qxVvkeKfFcjSMvhnF
Ça a l’air super bon, il ne me reste plus qu’à trouver de la farine de pois chiche pour tester ! ça manque d&qeruo;épicsrie bio dans mon coin gersois, vais faire appel au réseau de copines gourmandes toulousaines :)  

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