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Smoking guns or not?

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 Smoking guns or not?2003-04-21 14:45
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NY Times reports that an Iraqi scientist is suddenly talking, and saying that Iraq had chemical and biological weapons, but destroyed them a few days before the war. That sounds a bit overly convenient for Bush. Both justifying the war and also justifying why none of the purported 'weapons of mass destruction' are being found. Very clever. Oh, it might be true, but that would have been extraordinarily non-sensical from Saddam's perspective.

And what's with not being able to find Saddam Hussein? If they end up not finding him at all, I'd say there's a pattern forming here. Osama bin Laden was enemy number one, as the supposed mastermind of 9/11. For months everything was about him. He's here, he's there, maybe we got him, maybe he's dead, blah, blah. And suddenly nobody pays any attention any longer, despite that he wasn't found and probably isn't dead.

Same thing with Saddam Hussein. If they don't find him, and the media suddenly loses interest, I'd say something very sinister is going on. It was simply a matter of George W. being business partners with Osama bin Laden, and with Saddam Hussein. Shouldn't be much of a stretch, as his Dad pretty much hired them for their jobs in the first place, as CIA director. So, they did their scripted part, and we have a phoney chase trying to find them for a few months. And then they go into the equivalent of the witness protection program. They get plastic surgery, new passports, a few billion in a bank account, and spend the rest of their lives in underground palaces in Bora Bora. Or they moved on to the black government's bases on Mars for all I know.

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21 Apr 2003 @ 20:35 by nemue : Mars Gets My vote
All too pat I agree. They have been whisked off to Mars or the Mother Ship..  

22 Apr 2003 @ 01:52 by waalstraat : What is Reality
Yeah I was thinking pretty much along the same lines, but decided to drop the part about Hussein and Bin Laden being hirelings...for pragmatic reasons. You see if I become attached to that hypothesis, I surely won't be able to discriminate if what I think is the real world is my dream state, or what I think is my dream state is the real world--Gosh, I think I go meditate, or do some art or, something... STOP THE BALL--I want to float in the ethers awhile...methinks it will feel more real...  

23 Apr 2003 @ 04:24 by jstarrs : Mars is too close;
...make that Pluto, ok?  

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