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Failure to Disperse

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 Failure to Disperse2003-04-25 18:59
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From Anne Herbert, Works of Frith:
Carol said, "The name of my band is 'Failure to Disperse.'"

Which is the very activity we are called to right now. Some of the most important work to do now is to fail to disperse and to remind others to fail.

People with microphones who may be more interested in their own interests than in ours are strongly recommending that we disperse.

Suggestions popular now include being scared of the group or groups du jour--gays like me, immigrants like the family I come from, people in other countries we haven't met, poor people, people who aren't pale or aren't suit-bound or both, people who don't live inside.

Be scared of them, miss any connection you might have with them.


If you're in one of the recommended icky groups, be more scared of everyone else.


Also suggested to you by those who want to control you:

Watch lots of TV. Inside, in your own place. So what you mainly know about other groups is what people who plan to profit from your fear tell you to make you scared.

Stay in your car. See other people as good or bad drivers, in your way or not. Don't see their faces and possibly, in their faces, their story. Keep your face behind a windshield so they won't see your face and your story.

Stare at screens. Don't have very many times and places to look at people.

Disperse. Be alone with whatever manipulative info is coming at you through screens. Spend less and less time being in your own physical situation with your own body and your own impressions. Disperse; break < up the connection with your own physical life.

Watch TV and say how stupid it is. That's fine. Just as long as you watch it. Using your intelligence to say that TV is stupid is not really having a very strong connection with your own intelligence.

In fact, it is dispersing from the great new stuff you'd come up with to do if you applied your intelligence to the situation you yourself are actually in. If you came up with great new stuff, you might not follow orders from leaders, so please do watch TV and get off on knowing it's stupid.
Indeed. That is one of the strongest messages being broadcast to you in the ethers. Disperse. The world is a disconnected, random and dangerous place. So, disperse and be separate, afraid and disorganized like everybody else. Well, it is a lie. A lie that allows those who are better organized and informed than the rest of us to get the upper hand. The main thing to do to change the tide is to fail to disperse. Connect. Communicate. Organize. Gather a collective picture of what is really going on. Act accordingly.

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26 Apr 2003 @ 03:35 by shawa : Yup.
At NCN, too?? ;-)  

26 Apr 2003 @ 04:28 by waalstraat : A Practice For Assembling...
Come Together Now!

Here is an assemble practice-- I once did it for almost a year--(if I remember correctly):
Whenever, you come in contact with anyone who makes you uncomfortable, because of their looks, or something about them freaks you out, or they are too different from you, or you have negative expectations associated with their appearance, and present behavior--do this--If you are not a believer in G-d or a Source, or even if you are, (for non-believer make believe G-d is a given) make believe the person that seems to be the CAUSE of your discomfort, is G-D incarnate whom you are observing. Feel that person as G-d in disguise...how will you relate to that person? what kind of demeanor will you present? What type of vibration or energy will you put out? Check out how you feel to come face to face with IT, SHE, HE, ALL...

Let me tell you, for me that was some practice...which, every now and then I have to recall, to regenerate what I received from it....
With Love and Blessings,
PS Thank so much Ming.... I am so sad that my two older brothers live in gated communities...  

1 May 2003 @ 13:45 by dlight @ : the power of dispersion
The best thing we can do is disperse. Or more powerfully decentralize.

The collective power of a decentralized network cannot be resisted by any
centralized entity, no matter how wealthly or powerful.

The "David and Goliath" defeat of the Recording industry by peer to peer
file sharing networks of Kazaa, Morpheus and Grokster (the last two of which recently won in court) is the first obvious example of how a collective network can bring down the old dinosaurs without even trying.

No mass demonstrations against the greedy recording corporations were needed.
The networking technology was sufficient in itself to bring them down.
(Ok they're not dead yet, but virtually to the point of no return)

Therefore disperse, forget the big system, they only have power when you
pay attention to them.


1 May 2003 @ 14:12 by ming : Dispersing
I guess it depends on what we mean by dispersing. Yes, I agree, the best thing we can do is to be a distributed network. But a network with a coherence to it. The file sharing networks work because they are de-centralized and distributed, and there's no central command to shut down. But they also work because it is a lot of people focused on the same thing. We need to be organized, but preferably not in a hierarchical way.  

1 May 2003 @ 14:46 by lugon @ : organ-ized
Organ-ized, as in (bodily) organ. Perhaps not as a (church) organ.
Connected and sharing local projects and changing them - sounds "organic".  

19 Dec 2014 @ 23:22 by Naffa @ : mpGJfwsdvZMBIRcK
This makes a lot of sense. Things are starting to flow. Breaking down a litlte bit in order to get stronger and freer. Like a river thawing in the spring.  

23 Dec 2014 @ 13:25 by Imane @ : deJWWGCeceUxzpG
I just made these for my baby shower, I'm gvinig them away as the shower favor. I couldn't easily find the air dry red clay so I ended up digging up some clay from my backyard (you dig down far enough and it's pure clay where I live) I'm pretty sure they will dry alright, the shower's not for a week. Love this idea!!  

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