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 Hello, my name is ..2003-04-28 16:36
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This guy is wearing a name tag all the time. I've met people like that. And I've considered it myself. As the article says, it is friendly and welcoming. There's less of a barrier for people to start talking to you. It's an invitation. Plus it is easier to remember people, easier to recognize people. A web link would be even better, of course. I'd like to just click on people across the room with a laser pointer or something, and find out who they are. Well, maybe something else that doesn't turn them blind at the same time.

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2 May 2003 @ 13:42 by ming : Subjects
Yeah, would be great. The reason I'm not chatting with everybody I need is that it takes a while to figure out what, if anything, we would share an interest in talking about. I'd be all for carrying around a little GPS device that was broadcasting what I'm open to.  

27 Jul 2003 @ 01:39 by hakker : Tuning
Sometimes I find that, while feeling like being in flow, whatever that may mean to you, I can tune in to the (morphogenetic?) field of my subject. And I seem to achieve results when using what I sense.  

27 Jul 2003 @ 03:57 by ming : Flow
Me too. And I guess I'm looking for tools that might help that to happen more often. Making information more available to the senses might be one way. I mean, when you're more aware of what and who is around you, you might tune into where you ought to flow, and there's less obstacles to doing so.  

30 Apr 2016 @ 01:12 by Kristabelle @ : BBeBWaKTyLxwHx
Ha desszerként szolgálnám fel akkor a céklát elÅ‘tte kaalemllizárnám. Alatta vörösboros karamell van, ezt el is felejtettem leírni. Igen, sikerült! Másnap a maradékot kenyérre kenték. :)  

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