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Guerrilla Masquerade Party

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 Guerrilla Masquerade Party2003-04-30 23:59
picture by Flemming Funch

SmartMobs mentions this site:
Guerrilla Masquerade Party is a monthly event consisting of large groups of people dressed in costumes of all sorts, arriving unannounced at various locations (most often bars). The concept comes from the tradition of Guerrilla Queer Bar -- where gays, lesbians, fags, dykes, trannies, bisexuals, and their friends show up en masse at 'straight' bars, effectively turning them queer for the nite. The agenda of GMP is simply to dress up and have fun. Nothing political, nothing complicated. We just want to add a little variety to Seattle's nitelife, and a little chaos while we're at it.
Sounds like great fun. Count me in.

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28 Apr 2016 @ 21:22 by Livia @ : rUmvvAssZjZL
Herr Beck ist bei mir unten durch. Und zwar so weit nach unten, dass er die ganze Grüne Par­tei mit­reißt. Es mag zwar noch einige wenige Aus­nah­men geben, aber die sind als Fei­gen­blatt ein­fach nicht mehr aui­eresÂÂch­nd. Der Kai­ser ist nackt.  

29 Apr 2016 @ 04:57 by Nodin @ : IrFATDfPjeSoBdm
Böcker pÃ¥ recept är en bra idé! Kanske inte just för innauefsl, men för alla som mÃ¥r dÃ¥ligt och är deppiga.  

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