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 Xpertweb connections2003-05-02 23:59
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by Flemming Funch

Britt, Mitch and I have weekly phone meetings to plot the progress of Xpertweb. Today we were also meeting with Allen Searls who created Global Alive, which happens to be an online network of experts, who have conversations with each other, in turn rating the experience. There's some obvious potential for synergy there. Xpertweb aims at becoming useful as plumbing for all sorts of exchanges of value. And as a shared memory of the perceived value of past exchanges. All sorts of value-added activities and businesses can be built on top of such a structure. Mitch has a lot of excellent ideas about that. There can be a significant role for 'infomediaries', who use the information gathered in the network to connect up business.

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1 comment

29 Apr 2016 @ 05:02 by Tilly @ : lofVgXwJcbZkDKhD
LOL Stacy. I&8271#;m sure there was a lot of chasing involved. Maybe some biting. Needless to say, they will not ever bring another eight legged creature into her house. Ever. XD Thank you for reading!  

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