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 ThreadsML2003-05-08 17:46
by Flemming Funch

Some bright techies are working on threadsML, which is an envisioned standard way for applications to interchange threaded discussion data. That makes very good sense of course. There are many different programs that support discussion groups. Bulletin boards, newsgroups, chat, etc. But no existing way of transferring the data into other formats. Right now threadsML is just a discussion, so there's no software and nothing to join. The discussion is here and there's an overview page here and a WIKI here. Hm, I'm not sure what to contribute, but I should probably try to understand what is going on so far. Seems there's some focus on outliners as one universal way of looking at threaded materials. There's a whole cult of outliner adherents around. I think an outliner is a good thing, but it is based on the assumption that data is hierarchical. I'm probably most interested in ways of getting beyond that. Ways of navigating non-hierarchical data.

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30 Apr 2016 @ 01:18 by Frankie @ : CxjkPGQBKGxGcfIhF
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