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 Island Chronicles2003-05-29 23:54
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Mark Frauenfelder of BoingBoing is moving from Los Angeles to Rorotonga in the South Pacific next month with his wife and two young daughters. Wow, very cool and adventurous. They will be chronicling their adventure at The Island Chronicles.
We want to find out what it is like for us, an urban American family – accustomed to 24-hour supermarkets, multiplex theaters, top quality medical care, freeways, high-rises, thousands of restaurants in a 20-mile radius, and a daily barrage of media – to slow down. So we moved to the South Pacific. Our first stop is Rarotonga, a tiny island in the South Pacific.

It's a big change for us. We'll be staying on a land mass that’s 99.9993 percent smaller than the United States. It means living among wild dogs, pigs and roosters (which run freely on the island), instead of screaming car alarms, smog-belching Hummers, and random incidents of road rage. It means spending long, sultry afternoons wandering through the rainforest as an after-school activity, rather than sitting in traffic on the 30-minute drive home from school, only to rush through computer games and indoor 'playdates' with other friends. It means picking mangos and breadfruit, buying taro root and coconuts from the front porches of people’s houses, and fishing for supper, rather than zapping a frozen gardenburger in the microwave the moment hunger strikes. It means experiencing life’s moments, rather than breathlessly trying to keep up with our schedules.
Best of luck to you. For me personally I think moving to the south of France is a big enough jump for me at this point. But it is not like I haven't considered the possibility of living on a South Pacific island.

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28 Apr 2016 @ 23:45 by Janessa @ : OMROoVpkejNHumdFyDu
I'd verutne that this article has saved me more time than any other.  

29 Apr 2016 @ 04:58 by Bryson @ : daToUpTNbp
Tutulta kuulostaa. Itsekin kävin juuri koluamassa Tallinnan ruokakauppoja... sehän on hauskaa! Sielläkin on muuten valmiiksi kuorittuja ja viipaloituja hedelmiä tyhjiöpakkauksissa, smoothieita ja muuta terveellistä naposteltavaa. Ei ehkä yhtä hyvät valikoimat kuin "isossa maailmassa", mutta olin iloisesti yllättynyt. Ja toreilta tietenkin löytyy hedelmiä jos joelinkaisia.Erityisnn iloinen olin kun löysin 100% granaattiomenamehua.  

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