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 Identity Commons and Venture Collective2003-06-11 03:50
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The Identity Commons seeks:
...to create the world's premier electronic system for individuals and organizations to interact commercially, socially and personally, while providing every entity with control of its information, identity, and relationships consistent with healty communities.
It was apparently just discussed at the PlaNetwork Conference, which I'm kicking myself for not going to. See comments from
Jay Fienberg and Mark Canter about "People's DNS". Anyway, looking at the Identity Commons site, there's already some good friends of mine on the list of instigators, but I guess I must have been oblivious about it until now. I went and noted my support for its aims at Venture Collective.

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11 Jun 2003 @ 04:12 by ashanti : France
Aren't you going to miss such close proximity to all these amazing events when you go to France? Not that I'm suggesting similar things don't happen in France, but it seems to me that the USA is still the centre of these wonderful, innovative events. It is such a strange paradox that a country like the US - with the government it has - is still such a birthplace of such invention, innovation, imagination, creation.....  

11 Jun 2003 @ 04:39 by ming : Innovation
Yes, there certainly is a lot of good creative inventive stuff going on here. Lots of great people to hang out with, activities to join up with. Maybe I'll miss it. But then again, as it is I'm not actually hooking with most of it anyway. Like, being in L.A. I'm missing a lot of the great stuff going on in San Francisco, even though it isn't very far away. I'll just have to keep picking carefully which events I go to, etc. I do plan on going to the U.S. several times per year, and it is quite likely that those visits will be more concentrated and productive than my normal life here. Sometimes it is better to come from the outside.  

11 Jun 2003 @ 04:52 by ashanti : Outside-In
Yep, that is very true - not being there, you tend to optimise when you do go. I found when I was changing countries quite a bit, that the one I was in, I wasted a lot of time, but one I'd visit, I optimised the time to do as much as possible.  

14 Jun 2003 @ 07:01 by bern @ : innovation
"It is such a strange paradox that a country like the US - with the government it has - is still such a birthplace of such invention, innovation, imagination, creation..." To the contrary, our constitutional scheme of limited government, separation of powers, federalism, and other checks and balances, are fundamental to preserving individual liberty and free enterprise, the precursors to innovation. It's neither a paradox nor an accident.  

14 Jun 2003 @ 18:21 by ming : Copenhagen
I went and joined. And have fun in my home town.  

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