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 Metrics2003-06-13 23:59
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I'm so looking forward to go back on the metric system. The world just fits so much better together when its measures actually make sense and have something to do with each other. In America the measures are arbitrary and have very little to do with each other. How many feet in a mile? How many ounces in a pound? I have no clue. It makes the world kind of disjointed to still use those mideaval measures. I notice how my perception of the measurability of the world has deteriorated while living here. Compared with how beautifully I perceived everything as fitting together when I was in high school. You know ...
An hour is the time it takes for a liter of boiling water to move one kilometer
OK, that's a joke, but that kind of thing. Interrelatedness. Here's a history of the metric system in the U.S., or rather the failure of it. There have been attempts of converting to metrics, but they were never enforced, so, together with Burma and Liberia, the U.S. remains in the middle ages in that regard.

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14 Jun 2003 @ 06:10 by jmarc : depends on what your used to
They told us when we were kids that metric would replace the english(not american) system, but it never took hold because old habits die hard. I think i would be equally lost if i had to buy gas by the liter. What really sucks though is that some of the metrics caught on, so we are stuck with a system where to work on your car, you need 2 sets of sockets, one english fractions, and one metric.This being stuck between 2 measuring worlds is, in my opinion, the worst of possible worlds. Wasn't that the problem with one of the mars launches a few years back? one team was working in metric, the other in english measures. So you see, the rest of the world just has to follow OUR way. (just kidding).  

14 Jun 2003 @ 07:10 by bern @ : go metric
This is one criticism I can thoroughly endorse. Our antiquated system of weights and measures is plain dumb. (Not that I have any more time or energy to invest in converting than anyone else does.)  

14 Jun 2003 @ 17:15 by bushman : Hmm
Well, the american inch is more biblicly accurate of mesurment. the american inch is half a hair off from the cubit. About .003 short. The british inch is closer to 2 centimeters.  

14 Jun 2003 @ 18:28 by ming : Inches
See, that's what screws it up even more, that measures aren't even the same even though they have the same name. I just learned that an American ton (2000 pounds) is different from a British ton (2240 pounds), which are both different from a metric ton (eh, 1000kg of course). And that doesn't even mention freight tons, register tons and displacements tons which are all different, and which are actually measures of volume. 20 bushels of wheat in a freight ton. 100 cubic feet in a register ton. It is the tower of Babel.  

29 Apr 2016 @ 00:36 by Jaylyn @ : gfSYYPdSDhOIYicsvf
Weeeee, what a quick and easy sonuitol.  

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