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 Weblog Interfaces2003-10-20 05:29
by Flemming Funch

Weblog APIs (Application Program Interfaces) can allow you to operate a weblog program through a different program. For example, you can post articles from another program, with an interface you like better, without having to change your primary weblog software. Or you might post entries directly from a weblog aggregator. Or programmers can think of new ways of tying things together that previously weren't.

Probably the first example was the LiveJournal Client/Server API. And then there was the Blogger API, and more recently the MetaWeblog API. And now I was just reading about the new Atom API.

I haven't gotten around to using any of them for my NewsLog program that this weblog is running in. When last I was looking into it, when the Blogger API was the main thing around, I just couldn't figure out how to squeeze my functionality into its too limited paradigm. Next time I feel like giving it a shot, I think MetaWeblog and Atom looks like what I ought to concentrate on.

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