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 Blogger's Parliament2003-11-09 15:42
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Natalie d'Arbeloff (see also her alter ego Blaugustine's Blog) has started the Blogger's Parliament. And what is that?
"A flexible assembly of bloggers who are interested in finding and selecting from the blogosphere or from any other source - including their own thoughts - feasible solutions to current problems in the world. Members of Bloggers Parliament can be thought of as talent scouts, finding those elusive needles - solutions which can get right to the point of a problem - in the daunting haystack of information.

This is not a chat room, discussion forum, soap-box or fund-raising scheme, nor can it be used to advertise or sell any products or services. Our focus is only on the collection or creation of specific imaginative, relevant, informed, constructive and perhaps unorthodox solutions which could, if applied, really solve specific problems."
So, essentially creative people post specific solutions to specific problems. And then those solutions might end up being put into the hands of people who can use them or implement them. Looks very promising sofar.

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1 comment

26 Nov 2003 @ 05:40 by ming : Conversations
Hear, hear! Yes, we need to figure out how to have conversations that generate solutions. And how to live with that everybody don't need the same solutions.  

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