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 Chinese Body Paint2003-12-17 20:09
picture by Flemming Funch

From Bruce Sterling:
"Holy macaroni. Why is the official news agency of the People's Republic of China posting a whole bunch of nude body-painting? Have they lost all their little gray Mao suits over at Xinhua? What gives? A couple of these pics are Veruschka Lehndorff art-shots from the mid-1980s. Some official Chinese web-guy has been collecting these things. What could this be about?"
Gee, I don't know. The site is here. Delightful stuff. Isn't that a christmas ornament there? Or chocolate and strawberries?

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18 Dec 2003 @ 04:55 by swan : I loved that website, Ming,
thank you for posting the link. The woman who blends into the wall and the woman in the forest are incredible pieces of art.  

18 Dec 2003 @ 05:26 by ming : Body Art
Yeah, quite amazing

18 Dec 2003 @ 07:06 by jstarrs : Yeah, what a feast...
...for the eyes!!!
Maybe the fashion for next year on the mediterranean beaches, Ming?
I mean, what's yours gonna look like?  

18 Dec 2003 @ 07:43 by jmarc : I'll never look
at a brick wall the same way again:^) These pics should be distributed behind the islamic iron curtain, to reeducate those champions of the bhurka on just what they are missing. Yeehaw.  

18 Dec 2003 @ 09:44 by ming : Body Fashion
Mine? Heheh, maybe like {link:http://txc.net.au/~mapie/bodypaint5.jpg|this} elephant man. I'm not going to display that one here.  

18 Dec 2003 @ 09:47 by jstarrs : Bwhahahahaha!!!!

21 Dec 2003 @ 07:41 by birgit funch @ : It's a Chinese news site, people!!
Yeah, but did anyone actually read the articles?....
Explore the sire it's worth it AND there are more amazing pictures too.  

21 Dec 2003 @ 08:50 by ming : Chinese News
Hahah, yes, you're right, I didn't check out the rest of the site. Actually rather interesting news and features, from a different angle than most of us normally read.  

10 Nov 2005 @ 21:46 by Jumadi @ : Damn u JMARC
U mother fucker.Be more extra carefull on what u are saying.I bet u mum is strip naked.  

9 May 2006 @ 20:02 by singapore Sling @ : Jumadi
Don't get your panties in a Singapore sling Jumadi. I've always spoken my mind and don't intend to change that for some anonymous guy in Singapore. Sorry about your mom.  

20 Jun 2007 @ 04:37 by tara @ : body art
hey ming,

do you live in singapore?
I am looking for body painter artist for an event that i am organsing.
Please email me if you are interested.
Thanks you.

21 Jun 2007 @ 00:02 by ming : Body paint
Right now I wish I were living in Singapore and I were a body painting artist. But, no, sorry, I am neither.  

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