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RSS incompatibilities

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 RSS incompatibilities2004-02-06 18:28
by Flemming Funch

Mark Pilgrim has an enlightening article about the myth of RSS compatibility. I suddenly feel better about the little difficulties my self-made aggregator is having. Meaning, it is generally a mess to try to match a whole bunch of incompatible standards at the same time. Not to mention that people who write the feeds don't necessarily adhere to the standards. I was otherwise a bit dissatisfied that I couldn't find any suitable package that bothered to discern all the details of the different standards precisely, and I didn't get around to figuring it all out myself. Most packages seem to concentrate on what most of them have in common and ignore the differences and the details. Mark Pilgrim seems to have make an RSS parser that both juggles all the differences and is permissive about accepting and fixing the ways feeds might be screwed up. Looks great. I need to try it out.

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