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 Flow2004-02-09 16:43
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by Flemming Funch

There's this stupid coca cola commercial on TV. But it sort of illustrates well "being in the flow". This nerdy looking guy drinks a coke and instantly breaks out into this weird spastic dance and gets a silly grin on his face. He writhes down the street, stumbles over some guy in a Rolls and they mysteriously instantly become friends. He has another spastic rhythm attack and spills tomato sauce on a bunch of women's dresses at a party, and becomes a fashion mogul. Some other nerdy guy drinks a Coke and stumbles into his car and they parade off into more spastic coincidences.

Well, maybe it is like that. Some sort of rhythm with a life of its own takes over, and even accidents turn out to be perfect synchronicities, as you just sort of bump into things that are going the right way. Probably doesn't have much to do with drinking colored sugar water, though.

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1 comment

10 Feb 2004 @ 05:58 by jstarrs : Nor.....
...cause & effect.  

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