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Commons-based peer production

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 Commons-based peer production2004-02-15 12:58
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An article The Microsoft Killers about the success of open source and how it is spreading to other areas than software. And this nice general description of what it is we're talking about:
Yochai Benkler, a law professor at Yale University, has called this "commons-based peer production." The commons refers to the sharing of the underlying code or the output that is open to all, akin to the public land that farmers once grazed their livestock upon. Peer production means that producers participate for their own varied reasons and in ad hoc ways, not necessarily via legal contract or management fiat. Benkler calls this a third mode of production for the market, distinct from the company and the "spot market" (or, in employment terms, the freelancer). Open source shows that it is possible for part of the economy to function without companies but with many self-employed individuals contracting with each other.
It mentions various expamples. Nasa's Clickworkers project where 85,000 people successfully helped identify geological features on Mars. The Wikipedia, a fabulous online encyclopedia that anybody can contribute to. MIT's OpenCourseWare, freely available study materials for hundreds of courses. Open access academic journals like BioMed Central. And more.

I can't wait for it to spread to more areas.

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16 Feb 2004 @ 04:44 by istvan : Tans Ming for posting this.
I perceive the open source movement as being the real creator force behind the social movements for creating New Civilizations. The desire for openness in any level, and of course the benefits of it, are perhaps the basic ways to eventually creating Open Societies where Open Harts and Open Minds will be the norm , and not the rarity, of Human interactions. Openness is a way to freedom!  

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