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Snow and Crime

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 Snow and Crime2004-02-28 17:57
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It snowed last night. It snows very rarely here, so it is an event every time. We rushed out and had a snowball fight and made a snowman before it melted again.

Then, after we got in again, a little later, I walked outside and realized that somebody had made off with our two bicycles. Locks and all. Which is a bummer, as that is basically our transportation, and the cost isn't exactly trivial for us. Plus it is always an uncomfortable feeling when somebody has invaded your space and stolen your things. Here we're talking: behind a big closed iron gate one needs to roll aside, and at the end of our driveway around a little corner.

We had otherwise been snickering about the French paranoia about burglars and thieves. Everybody seems to lock their gate with a key whenever they go in or out, and they live behind closed shutters, and, I'm sure, multiple locks and alarm systems. And warn everybody who will listen about the dangers of leaving anything not secured, and how bad people are roaming everywhere. Despite that we haven't seen any. OK, we roll down the shutters too when we leave. And we lock the front door when we leave, which we didn't take very seriously in the U.S., where we didn't even think much about leaving a car unlocked in the street. So here we're a little more secure, but locking the gate seemed a little excessive.

Guess we have to change our mind a bit. Lock the front gate all the time. Chain bicycles to something stationary behind the gate. Maybe I should dig up that box of X10 video cameras I never have gotten around to playing with, and watch the perimeter at all times. Make sure anybody who touches the fence gets electrocuted. Dig a mote filled with piranhas. I don't know.

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28 Feb 2004 @ 19:19 by bushman : lol,
I like the mote, with piranias idea. Need to put a lojack system on the bikes, lol.  

29 Feb 2004 @ 05:19 by jmarc : it cant hurt
to take a look under the bushes and under brush in the neihborhood. Many times , thieves will dump their loot near by so that if they get stopped in the neihborhood at the time of the crime, they look innocent. Then they come back later when the heat is off and pick up the loot. i over heard this tactic being discussed once by an unsavory character, and when my neihbor got his boat motor ripped i suggested it to him. Well, he found the motor under a bush down the tracks, alerted the police who watched it 'til the thieves came to collect it. Turned out to be another neihbor.  

29 Feb 2004 @ 06:20 by ming : Thanks
Good idea. Yeah, that's quite a possibility.  

20 Dec 2014 @ 05:44 by Alma @ : bQTXOSuGlJGbzI
love the gate post!! As a very new person to the joys of drnwiag there's something I'd like to share after reading your earlier comments about producing something "good enough"....I love the feeling of freedom that drnwiag seems to give me and I've found that when I draw (very selfishly) just for "me" I frequently see new things that I had no idea of when i started each drnwiag. They sometimes start a life of their own and take me places I had no idea of... I love your work. it has a magical fresh warmth that is captivating. Don't doubt, just draw...cheersPhil  

1 Jun 2015 @ 16:43 by aozzijo @ : aozzijo

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