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Israeli doctor in the West Bank

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 Israeli doctor in the West Bank2004-03-13 05:07
picture by Flemming Funch

A nice little snapshot slideshow at BBC News about Zvi Bentwich, a well-known and respected Israeli immunologist who now spends his weekends in the West Bank and Gaza doing humanitarian medical work.
"Among Palestinians I have worked with or treated, I have never experienced any kind of hostility – not in a look or a word. I am appreciated by them in the same way that I am appreciated by my Israeli patients. This is the reward of this work."
I'm glad there are always good people doing good things, despite any odds against them.

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13 Mar 2004 @ 05:09 by shawa : Good news
Thanks, Ming. I had seen a documentary on this doctor. Quite extraordinary.
May humanism rise above divisions!...  

13 Mar 2004 @ 07:33 by vibrani : Israeli doctors
always help others - even those who would like to see them dead. They travel to other countries and take in people from all countries to try to save their lives. This is not unusual for Israelis, or even Israelis with Palestinians because the hospitals in Jerusalem have doctors from different countries and of all faiths. I am glad to see you point out a positive, but I get the feeling from the posts you think it's so rare, and it's not.  

19 Dec 2014 @ 21:25 by Nazakat @ : KeXDrjswQrCMQoZofk
Israel is destroying Lebanon and must pay.a3800,000 for each pseron killed (based on Deutche Bank case) in Lebanon to United Nations for distribution. Offset by Israelis killed at same rate.$2billion for infrastructure damage plus interest at 17% bank credit card rate until infrastructure is repaired. This offset by damage in Israel.$1 billion a day until occupation of southern Lebanon ceases.Failure to pay these sums within 7 days will result in all bank transactions with Israel to cease. Alternatively our Trident fires a nuke into the sea 5 mailes out from Tel Aviv.  

23 Dec 2014 @ 13:07 by Gusti @ : eyKwIIMXweLBqRTqDJNp
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