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FBI translator fails to shut up about 9-11 cover-up

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 FBI translator fails to shut up about 9-11 cover-up2004-03-26 16:17
by Flemming Funch

Richard Clarke, former counter-terrorism chief in the U.S. is putting some stuff forward to the current 9-11 commission which is pretty devastating to the Bush administration. There's another story that doesn't get so many headlines. Sibel Edmonds was a Farsi and Turkish translator who worked for the FBI from Sept. 20, 2001 to March 2002. Government Executive magazine has this to say:
Edmonds said she was hired to retranslate material that was collected prior to Sept. 11 to determine if anything was missed in the translations that related to the plot. In her review, Edmonds said the documents clearly showed that the Sept. 11 hijackers were in the country and plotting to use airplanes as missiles. The documents also included information relating to their financial activities. Edmonds said she could not comment in detail because she has been under a Justice Department gag order since October 2002. Edmonds has testified before the Sept. 11 commission, the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Select Intelligence Committee.
Seems she was basically bribed and then threatened to not talk about it. From tomflocco.com:
FBI translator, Sibel Edmonds, was offered a substantial raise and a full time job in order to not go public that she had been asked by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to retranslate and adjust the translations of [terrorist] subject intercepts that had been received before September 11, 2001 by the FBI and CIA.
Or, in her own words:
"Attorney General John Ashcroft told me 'he was invoking State Secret Privilege and National Security' when I told the FBI I wanted to go public with what I had translated from the pre 9-11 intercepts." [...]

"I appeared once on CBS 60 Minutes but I have been silenced by Mr. Ashcroft, the FBI follows me, and I was threatened with jail in 2002 if I went public"
Doesn't look good.

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27 Mar 2004 @ 19:35 by maxtobin : Interesting to Ask the gut?
I sense that there is a deeper thread at work here Flemming. The admin knows that the emperor is naked and that many are 'seeing' this now. So watch them set the Lamb (a wolf in any other terms) up for the slaugthter. There is a smell of decay and frantic arse covering going down here in my opinion. My sense is that there will be many 'stories' and the 'real truth' will remain as ellusive as it ever was, to all but the very discerning. It looks to me like the Admin are being set up for a fall over an act of omission, that is a 'crock of crap!!' This was an act of commission and the CIA or a similar group were VERY AWARE of the set up of the Al Qaeda network IMHO. The Bin Laden's and THE Bush families are donkey deep together in the profiteering through warfare game and active both behind the scenes and as spotlighted players. Make no mistake there is nothing that we see in the media which is not a sanitised and carfully prepared 'story' with an agenda of top down control of the slave energies of you and me!! We are fortunate that there are enough of these sicko's fighting each the other for the top position on the heap of shit, so we can see the evidence even when it is denied and perverted and twisted to conceal.  

28 Mar 2004 @ 06:15 by ming : In-fighting
Yeah, it is probably different factions fighting among themselves.

And you're right, if the Bush guys end up being blamed only for being a bit slow at acting on warnings of threats from Al-Qeada, that would be a bit lame. As compared with starting a war on completely false premises, harming a lot of innocent people, and stepping up terrorism. And there's the matter of 9-11 itself, of course. I'm not sure I think the people immediately around Bush are the actual responsibles (for knowingly allowing it to happen, and helping it along quite a bit with some well placed explosive charges), but they can't be too far away.  

28 Mar 2004 @ 22:33 by magical_melody : So many levels of corruption,
one lie upon another, the real facts distorted and hidden under fabricated stories. This maze runs so deep, and the deception and lies have been so long enduring, that humanity must come to address our declining health as one body fast. I agree with Max’s comment in entirety, especially: “there is nothing that we see in the media which is not a sanitized and carefully prepared 'story’'” Humanity is truly in deep shit! And the thick crust upon the colon of the collective body has long been contributing to cancerous consequences throughout every sector of our mutual cultures and world.

Here is some input from Barbara M. Hubbard: "We are in a global system at the edge of chaos. In a short period of time our life support systems could collapse, we are told. According to chaos theory, and the theory of dissipative structures, at times when the system is far-from-equilibrium a small island of coherence can cause the system to jump and to repattern to a higher order. A small group of people throughout the world holding a new view of the nature of reality, and acting upon it can possibly cause the whole system to jump to a higher order. This is what we mean by a quantum jump; it does not arrive by incremental means alone, but by multiple novel connections among formerly separate parts. As the system increases in disorder the opportunity for a higher order of repatterning increases."

I pray we find our collective voice asap in order to do what is necessary before this dis-ease results in mass death. In addition I believe that as more of us come to live our lives with an increasing integrity, we do vibrate this new integrity outwards in and thru our thoughts, words and deeds and because we are one body, we do have an impact upon all of life. I have faith that we are creating small islands of coherence which are providing the quantum jump our world needs at this time. I simply get concerned about how much more loss of life will there be before these new emerging patterns become more prevalent across the world.  

3 May 2004 @ 08:15 by celestial : H0NESTY & ETHICS
Most ov us have heard that "H0nesty is the best policy."
I say that it should be our only policy. Get as close to the TRUTH as you can possibly stand it and when you begin to have a problem with it, you must examine your heart to discover your problem with it.
Even criminals need a certain degree ov truth in order to operate. They know this deep within their heart; a lie is but for a moment.
"You can fool some ov the people all ov the time and all ov the people some ov the time, but you cannot fool all ov the people all ov the time."

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