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 Peak States2004-04-22 10:41
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Max points to the Institute for the Study of Peak States, which of particular interest has an interesting list of peak states, categorized in various ways, and marked according to their probablity of occuring in the general population. Stuff like:
'Underlying Happiness' state
• Characteristics: A feeling of happiness underlies all other feelings. It exists simultaneously even with difficult feelings such as sadness or anger. In women, a continuous loving feeling is more dominant, although the happiness is still present.
• Cause: Heart and body brains fused together.
• Comment: Doesn't stop the past from feeling emotionally traumatic.
• Frequency: Estimated 9% relatively continuously, additional 12% recognize it.

'Big Sky' state
• Characteristics: The world feels huge. Looking at the sky, it feels gigantic. Your boundaries disappear, especially above your head.
• Cause: Body, mind and Buddha brains fused together. The sensation of the huge sky is from a body sensation of the relative distance between objects and one's body.
• Comment: I'm not sure if I've accurately analyzed this state. Treat it as possibly being due to some other phenomenon. More work needs to be done on it.
• Frequency: Not determined.

'Brains Communicate' state
• Characteristics: The three brains can communicate with each other. Brains interact like a dysfunctional family.
• Cause: All the brains' awarenesses are touching and in communication.
• Comment: A useful intermediate state, but not as valuable or dramatic as a fused one. In a Perry diagram, the circles all overlap slightly.
• Frequency: Estimated 12% relatively continuously, additional 23% recognize it.

'Deep Peace' state
• Characteristics: Deeper peaceful feeling than the Beauty Way. A feeling of being balanced, evenness, no irritation. Feels like the physical heart is lower in the body. Feel more lightweight. Not effortless, but not as bad as normal consciousness. Brains are aware of each other, can communicate directly, and you are aware of each simultaneously.
• Cause: Brains' awarenesses are superimposed, but not completely fused. No hollow sensations in the body.
• Comment: An intermediate state that we don't try to get.
• Frequency: Not determined.

'Hollow' state
• Characteristics: Body feels hollow inside the skin. All parts of the body feel 'continuous'. Emotions have a cognitive rather than affective quality.
• Cause: All brains fuse together.
• Comment: Chakras are not merged. Brains are not connected to the Realm of the Shaman.
• Frequency: Estimated 7% relatively continuously, additional 12% recognize it.

'Wholeness' state
• Characteristics: The word 'wholeness' is the most accurate for this state, and is used spontaneously by people acquiring it. A feeling of being complete, with nothing missing. Music is especially vivid.
• Cause: A fusion of the placental and sperm tail 'energy' or 'awarenesses' with the other triune brains.
• Comment: The sensation of wholeness exists independently of the state of fusion of the other brains.
• Frequency: Not determined.
Well, I do recognize some of those. Anyway, they seem to be aiming for ways of allowing people to spend more time in such peak states. Which would be splendid, of course.

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23 Apr 2004 @ 06:02 by jstarrs : I'm wondering if...
...the definition of the 'wholeness' state could be applied to a psychopath?  

23 Apr 2004 @ 06:29 by swanny : Peak Continuum
Is the peak state sustainable to any degree....
The word peak suggest sumit of sorts but
what about sustaining that higher ground until
it encompasses .....hmmmmm
well peak also suggest individual and lacks
a social conotation..... is there a "group peak"
and what would that be.....
like a shared or raised consciousness....
ie social consciousness and social peaks



23 Apr 2004 @ 07:45 by skookum : I noticed....
you didn't mention the 'clueless state'. lol I am looking at what you posted and it is a new way to look at things. Lately I have been ill and too tired to be very centered in anyway, but I can see how each person might have a different path to follow. Also, different stages...one could conceivably progress though different levels as one grows.

I saved the link and will forward it to my reiki group. Very very interesting stuff there.  

23 Apr 2004 @ 12:06 by ming : Wholeness
Does a psychopath feel whole. I sort of doubt it. I bet he's obsessively looking for something that will make him feel a little more whole, or at least make others a lot less whole. But would he admit that? Probably not.  

11 Apr 2006 @ 02:02 by Peter the Pagan @ : Peaks and Psychopaths
Grant (of peakstates.com) specifically describes a psychopathic state as being a brain shutdown state--specifically a shutdown of the heart brain, with a complete inability to feel empathy.
Grant's interest is in sustained peak states--he uses the term "peak experience" for a short-term peak. Some people are naturally in one or another peak state all the time. And according to Grant it is definitely possible to develop and sustain peak states more or less permanently.  

19 Dec 2014 @ 13:45 by Skarllette @ : qLzzzdrgdDfgZ
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23 Dec 2014 @ 09:45 by Adinda @ : AiKVuoWtMGS
Way to go on this esays, helped a ton.  

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