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 Global Ideas Bank2004-04-23 10:45
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Last Friday while in London with Max, we dropped by the offices of the Institute for Social Inventions, the people behind the Global Ideas Bank, the most prolific and well-known grassroots idea gathering organization. We've had a relation since 1995. I put all their books online and set up a voting system so people could rate new and old ideas, and see what others had rated well. And the site was hosted first on Max's server for a couple of years, and then I've been providing it a home since then. But I didn't always have time to devote to new programming and improvements. So now it is in new hands, and today they're launching a re-designed site. It has a new, more modern look, and it has all the same functionality, plus a range of new facilities.

The Institute for Social Inventions was the brainchild of Nicholas Albery whom I had the pleasure of working with frequently on issues around the GIB site. He unfortunately died suddenly almost three years ago, but the work is carried on by other good people. Today under the umbrella of the Nicholas Albery Foundation. There are luckily promiment supporters who will help it carry on its work, like Anita Roddick and Brian Eno.

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24 Apr 2004 @ 08:17 by ming : OrgSpace
Well, an idea gathering and voting thing would be relatively easy to add. I just haven't make it a general module. And, well, still a good deal of integration work to do. But I'll answer you in e-mail.  

27 Apr 2004 @ 06:09 by ming : Nicholas
Then again, he lived a full life and probably did what he wanted to do in the moment. But I must admit, even though I hadn't met him face-to-face, it struck me really hard when he died. I didn't quite realize how much he meant to me. I had just received a package from him in the mail, and there were a couple of e-mails I needed to answer, and, bing, one car in the wrong place, and next we're talking about his funeral. He's certainly missed.  

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