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William Torbert’s Nine Developmental Frames

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 William Torbert’s Nine Developmental Frames2004-05-06 08:22
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From Empowerment Illustrated, a mention of Action Inquiry and William Torbert's nine "developmental frames":
A system for understanding people and their roles in life is explained at Martin Leith's Resources site. William Torbert analysed autobiographies and found 9 developmental frames that represent a 'journey of life'. They are:

1. Impulsive (Conception)
2. Opportunist (Investments)
3. Diplomat (Incorporation)
4. Technician (Experiments)
5. Achiever (Systemic Productivity)
6. Strategist (Collaborative Enquiry)
7. Magician / Witch / Clown (Foundational Community)
8. Ironist (Liberating Disciplines)
9. Sage / Cron
Those levels or frames are described in detail in Martin Leith's site. It is quite intriguing. I like the progression of archetypes getting more and more mystical. I'm not sure I really buy the exact progression. Some of it seems a little arbitrary to me, or a little off. I'm not sure they're even a sequence. But interesting and useful, nevertheless. In part for recognizing what roles people are playing within an organization. Like, a Magician at level 7 is somebody who's likely to create transformation around them, changing paradigms, but without anybody recognizing they're doing it. Anyway, if I had to find myself on the list, it would probably be the Strategist, although I recognized myself also in Technician, and in Magician.

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8 May 2004 @ 16:09 by maxtobin : MR MING
You are without doubt the Sage, don't be so modest. A master magician: creator of communities. I'd guess that the order is not important although it may have some common sequences that most/many would typically move through. I feel that we can have a number of coincident roles from this frame work, and may even be 'seen' in different ways by those seeking to label us as the role they see us in will be determined by their perception!  

15 Jun 2010 @ 15:05 by Fred Cook @ : developmental perspective in arts/politi
Thanks for doing this Fleming. What are you up to now? I have a visionary paper I want to send you.  

30 Apr 2016 @ 01:18 by Tuesday @ : IlRqhaazTiqs
Gratuluji Vám Rudý posuve, začínáte chápat, že zdiotavnrcká koncepce ÄŒSSD opřít se o základní síť státních a neziskových nemocnic jako ve Francii a Å výcarsku je velmi dobrá. Jen tak dál, je to krok správným smÄ›rem.  

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