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 Planetwork2004-06-05 18:19
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Alas, I didn't make it to Planetwork, although I'd really have liked to. But I can't be everywhere, except for virtually. There's a wiki and an IRC channel going on, and a bunch of people blogging. Like Jay Cross or John Beatty. E-names is one of the technical themes. But it isn't just technical. A mix of a socially responsible, activist, techie crowd. General themes:

  • Social Networks and Civil Society The New ID Commons Technical Protocol
  • Environmental: Proactive Responses to Global Warming & Mass Extinction
  • Digital Democracy: Civil Rights & Civil Liberties from the DMCA to Touch Screen Voting
  • Alternative Economics: Online & Offline Strategies Complementary Currencies, Electronic barter & beyond
  • Independent Media from Blogs and RSS to DV and TiVo, new technologies for independent networked news
  • The Real-World Game: Bucky's Spaceship Earth meets Sim Earth a multi-player online game using real data to model future scenarios

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    6 Jun 2004 @ 02:28 by jazzolog : Re: The NCN Site
    Ming, this comment is not on-topic---and I have no idea how syndicated and farflung is your blog---but I have a tiny matter of local concern. Over the past week I have sent you 2 personal emails to which you have not responded. That part of it is fine...but my concern is they don't show up at my Message Center as even having been sent, to say nothing of read. I haven't run into this before and have no difficulty with emails to and from other members here. Do you have insight into the situation?  

    6 Jun 2004 @ 05:44 by ming : Messages
    Hm, no. They didn't show up for me. I have no doubt you know how to push the right buttons, so I assume it is some kind of rare bug, although that's a little strange, as the messaging normally works fine. So, try sending me a test message, and I'll let you know right away if it showed up. Were they online messages, or also as e-mail? E-mails as such are easier for me to overlook, but they should have shown online too if sent from the NCN area.  

    6 Jun 2004 @ 06:20 by jazzolog : In The Mail
    OK, it's on the way. These were all 3 internal NCN messages only---I think.

    P.S. This one does show up at my Message Center as sent, so all must be well. Perhaps the problem was with the page from which I sent it, which may have been out of the People area---but that wouldn't make logical sense. Oh well... Thanks.  

    29 Apr 2016 @ 06:06 by Mattie @ : febeDvBIunJoOhTWrXwM
    Real brain power on dialpsy. Thanks for that answer!  

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