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Elections and Terrorism

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 Elections and Terrorism2004-07-16 19:51
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Al Qaida couldn't dream of a better government in the U.S. than George Bush's. They're a splendid help in the direction of destroying the United States, in providing plenty of new places to have terrorist bases, and plenty of new well-motivated recruits. And Bush could sure use another terrorist attack to boost his ratings. Quite some win-win synergy there. So, what do you say are the chances for that happening before November? Or, even better, around the election itself? Bush's people seem to be planning for just that. Cancel the election, declare a national state of emergency, and just stay on as a dictator. That's a great plan.

It would be quite appropriate if the U.N. would monitor the U.S. elections, like a group of congress people proposed. The U.N. unfortunately said no. And the Bush government wouldn't have let them, of course. The system probably wouldn't stand up to any kind of organized scrutiny. You know, faulty voting machines without a paper trail, run by companies that support the Republican campaign. Plus the long list of other tricks and irregularities. The kind of stuff that Congress strikes from the record if somebody dares to mention it.

Anyway, just wanted to complain a bit. I'm no longer there, but the state of the U.S. unfortunately affects the rest of the world greatly.

Oh, and for something more to be freaked out about, Thomas mentions this story about a lady who believes she experienced a dry run for a terrorist attack on a plane, and the apparent inabilities for the system to respond well to that, because of rules for political correctness, etc. For example, an airline can't take aside more than two middle eastern people at a time, or they get big fines.

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16 Jul 2004 @ 20:19 by vaxen : Thanks...
Ming. Hats off to mind control. No one believes it but...what else can it be? American just are not, ca'nt, think! I do'nt know if it is any better in the 'EU' these days as the 'Consortium' pretty much has an open gameboard with very few players and one helluva lot of pieces. They are going forward with their end times scenario and ye old populae just eat it up! Be safe bro...  

16 Jul 2004 @ 20:46 by ming : EU
I guess in the EU the deal is that there's a huge opaque bureaucracy deciding a lot of things that are so complicated that it is very hard to follow, so most people aren't paying attention. Which is certainly scarey too.

In France, and in several other EU countries I know, like Denmark, one is debating everything inside the country. Every national issue is talked over and over in public, by politicians, by news articles, by talk shows, by people on the street. It is a lot of talk, but the issues are quite out in the open, and there's involvement and dialogue. But when it comes to the EU, that all evaporates. Seems too big, and nobody feels involved, and they don't quite know what to talk about. So they can go ahead and do some deal with big pharmaceutical companies and start making natural supplements illegal and that kind of thing, and make it an EU-wide law, and few people will catch it before it is too late.  

16 Jul 2004 @ 23:54 by celestial : I'm trying
To figure out how to get everyone here to become more interested.

Arresting corporate executives seems to be working.

One or two more key players should work.

10,000, WING? What shape do you want the curve, rolling wave form or tsunami form???

I like the cards MING; what goes around comes around !!!
Reminds me of a trick I've played on a few in the past. I would stack the deck so that when shuffled three times all ov the suits would be together, almost in order!!!  

17 Jul 2004 @ 03:46 by jazzolog : Neither Think Nor Read Or Write
There's the goal! In my area a couple years ago Walmart moved in to lease property owned by the University (one hopes in vain for enlightenment there). The land was a floodplain for the Hocking River that flows through town. A year-long uproar ensued as community activists did everything they could think of to stop the chain from enslaving us. Ultimately they stormed the store on opening day and were hauled off. Tons of earth had been removed from surrounding hills to build up the land for the store. Walmart enjoys the patronage particularly of the economically hard-pressed in the communities downriver.

So of course, a couple of months ago there was a flood in Glouster, and it was the first time. Bush declared it a disaster area. Church groups sent volunteers in to shovel out the mud and rebuild homes. Where did the water come from? Nobody asks. Can't put it together. No way to figure out what Mother Nature does. Let's all pile in the pickup and drive upriver to Walmart and buy some supplies.  

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