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 Finding Paths2004-09-12 22:20
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One of our regular activities is to go to runs with the local Hash House Harriers club. One runs or walks for an hour or so, and then one drinks beer, and there are various crazy rituals involved in both. And one meets some other fun people, mostly expats.

Today was the second time we were the "hares". The hares find a location and lay a track one needs to follow, which is marked with flour or chalk marks. Just finding a location isn't all that easy. It should preferably be a new and different place each time, and one should be able to mark a 3-6km walking path, and a 6-10km running path. Which preferably should be a bit adventurous and non-obvious.

And now, what is interesting is that when you look at an area as somebody who needs to lay an interesting path, you discover all sorts of things you might not have if you were just passing through. You start following trails you don't know where lead, and get surprised when you find out. You try to connect up differerent areas, to make your trail work, and are sometimes surprisingly successful in finding paths when you thought there were none. You walk along a stream where there's hardly a path through the heavy growth, and you find ruined old bridges, abandoned sheds, un-noticed infrastructure, quiet ponds, dried-out waterfalls, and then you come out on a street next to somebody's house, by what you would have assumed to be just a driveway if you had come from the other side.

It is fun to find hidden trails, and new entrances and exits.

Today's run was mostly in an area called Les Quinze Sols. It is called that because around the time of the French revolution, the area got divided into little parcels that were sold for 15 Sols. Sols were a monetary unit at that time. 15 bucks. Later it became a really depleted area, as it was exploited in various ways, for example to extract sand. Now there is a 50-100 year project going on of reverting it to be a well-functioning natural eco-system. Which seems to be going well, as it is quite a jungle, and lots of people were fishing. Our path also went through the ruins of an old mill, out in the Garonne river.

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14 Sep 2004 @ 01:11 by QMAL @ : Paths to feel
Paths to feel....That sounds and looks like such a cool place, marking and finding paths, with a little celebration mixed in. The French people are so cool. I think we must in some form of telepathic communication as I have doing some path stuff myself and wrote the path below at about 2:00am EDT , I just switch all of a sudden from Psychotechnica to Indian. While trying to prepare a comment in response to your 'Living your type" post. That one is a brain beater I have been just in total contemplation of it since you posted it .I keep erasing and pasting in making a big mess. This one key at a time stuff is drives me nuts not to mention these cathode ray tubes , they make me feel as if I have been out in the sun all day..I will have better equipment by the end of the week..Yes the paths are accusal synchronistic and have to do with oops- wrong post. I was tired as I have gone back to work temporarily due to high property tax. In addition to writing about paths, I was marking them as well since my old circle of stones ....was Terra-formed :) So I am making a new in different woods. Also I was collecting path pictures yesterday, on my paths here, that have packs of rabbits, and swarms of bees..wheew ouch. I have a mile of paths or so.

Live in and walk on both the path you see in front of you and ones on the other side of the mountain that you can not see , ford the streams in between, spear fish and gather berry and bow not to the snap of thunder or rush of rain. If there is bear in the path, then walk though the wood a while and you will find the path will be just over the high rocks. Listen carefully for the hawk above can see the snake in the grass of the sunlit glade, he will call out , you will take the one around it and enjoy the sun in the next one.

Indians explain this kind of thing so clearly in easy to understand metaphorical concepts. I try Indian from time to time. I have known quite a few American Indians, they under stand these kinds of things in a different way.  

19 Dec 2014 @ 20:35 by Kazuhide @ : pVeoXxxqvnUEtZ
Is fabulous, you can fee the prneesce of the lord.My name is Erika, a lady from Laredo, Tx. Im bouncing up and down with all my people. The lord happen to set a reallity in my life. I happen to have this dream, with all youth. My dream is to create a club ministry, in the south where I live. I sure need alot of help such as sponsors, bible studes for youth, sugestions as the leader I feel a big responsibility to help all kids they are lost down here. I need more prayers and special people to help me accomplish this youth ministry.  

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