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 Video Massacres2004-09-28 23:59
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Not that I'll make a habit of it, but it is not the kind of thing the media tend to cover much, so somebody might have missed it. A chilling way of getting a sense of some of the routine activities of the U.S. military forces in Iraq is to watch some of the leaked videos taken from helicopters while they essentially fly around and murder fairly random and sometimes unarmed people who happened to be walking in the wrong place. The latest from Falluja. Video. The audio is the most chilling part. The pilot reports that a large number of people are walking on the street and asks over the radio if he should "take them out". And the instant answer is "yes". Not armed people, mind you, just people. A rocket makes an end to them, whoever they actually were, and he exclaims "aw, dude!".

And an older one from January which actually appeared once on ABC. An Apache takes out three people, which to me look like farm workers walking around between a tractor and a truck. I'm of course not trained in quickly determining what some grey shadows seen through a night vision camera really are doing. I'm not sure the people in the helicopter are either. I do understand some things about body language, though, and it is obvious that the people on the ground didn't seem to think they had anything to hide from before the helicopter started shooting at them. And blowing away wounded people who're trying to crawl to safety certainly isn't according to the Geneva convention, if any of the rest of it is.

It shows the horror war easily becomes, particularly when one side is hovering in the air with high tech weaponry, but only a fuzzy b&w image on the screen, and the other side is unknown. It easily becomes to just kill anything that moves that looks a little suspicious, anything that possibly, potentially, maybe could be somebody who might have hostile intent. Because they maybe live in the general area where somebody else blew up somebody from your side the day before. But a lot of the time they're just farmers mounting their plough or parents taking their kids to school. War is never going to make sense.

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30 Sep 2004 @ 12:22 by jwwells : War is always a failure
There are no exceptions.

We cannot start the process of eliminating war from our species until we get to the spiritual/psychological point of realizing the males too are human: This is a concept still 30 or 40 years in our future....

It would take me an entire book to bring understanding of why this is true, so I won't even try. I will give the starting point, which is at the Journal of Genocide Research.


30 Sep 2004 @ 21:18 by magical_melody : Reminds me of the scene in the movie,
Fahrenheit 911, when the young soldier had loud rockin'roll playing through his earphones, and he proceeds to machine gun down human beings, he yells, "kill the Motherfuckers!" Now that is evil! That level of ignor-ance and numbing down the self to then be able to kill like a monster...In the example above, the guy did not even have to numb down, the evil sickness that is evident in these clips when people have no conscience and behave as robots following inhumane and sick orders, without question, totally abandoning any semblance of heart or spirit. The military as it is, continues to be the arms of an evil administration, No wonder Bush is still in the White House!  

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