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Ground Zero Revisioned

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 Ground Zero Revisioned2004-10-25 17:58
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My friend Edmond Cohen created a vision, iAmerica, for what ought to replace the World Trade Center in New York. I don't think it actually got submitted to the contest, and it is probably too late. Anyway, I hadn't looked at the latest version, even though it is hosted on my server. But I just saw it, and I think it is fabulous. Much more worthy than the mishmash that came out of the contest. A globe on top, lighted up by LEDs showing an image of the planet. Five domed biospheres on top of five surrounding towers.

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25 Oct 2004 @ 20:30 by swanny : Hmmm
Nice Ming.... thanks
Not sure if I like it or not...
but I must say it is definately more
compelling than what there building....
I suppose I'm somewhat a traditional/naturalist
but it certainly points our there to the future.
Quite compelliing yes and imaginative....

thanks again  

25 Oct 2004 @ 20:34 by ming : Buildings
I'd say that if one wanted to make a building that terrorists wouldn't think of attacking, putting a big globe on top of it would be a good move.  

26 Oct 2004 @ 04:51 by vaxen : Oh...
I think it is a magnificent work I do not, however, think that any terrorist worth his BUSHel of salt would think twice about toppling it. I know I would'nt if I were a big T. I would, personally love to see an end to New York City as well as all other major cities and I'd like to see expansion away from them as centers of major enslavement.

The Earth is big enough and so full of resources that if we were to stop war, turn our military forces into 'Sea Bee' like battalions for growing and constructing harmonious environments for THETA forces we could be at Helatrobus Prime in the morning...virtually! The holographic inserts theory dictates that...

We are all dead anyway. Why do we need monstrous buildings instead of turning those intelligence powers towards ridding this world of the Global Enslavers and their insidious minions who build big buildings, construct huge cities, then turn around and destroy them as well as the denizens therein established?

Ah, the III Materials and incident II? ;) I still like the building very much. Came to Earth on a Ship that looked reMARKABly similar...  

19 Dec 2014 @ 23:50 by Muhammet @ : xoaxyIPSRMWzYINyBBVd
One big problem with this pocily it excludes nuclear power.The villains of the piece are the fossil fuel power stations. THEY should be the target of our party's condemnation not the n.p. stations.It should be clear by now that n.p. has underpinned our electricity production for decades and stands set fair to bear the load that a decline in fossil fuel burning will put upon our system as it becomes slowly more sustainable and renewable. Green' electricity provides yet a tiny proportion of our needs and wind wave and solar are largely inefficient and very expensive. (Yes, n.p. is expensive but it WORKS and on a large scale and is RELIABLE.) It will be decades before the renewables get close to matching fossil in scope. In the meantime we do not need to endure a hair-shirt environment on cold windless nights in winter if we can keep out nuclear compopment.It was noticeable that the vote at Conference last year on n.p.was greeted with the whoops and yells akin to the reception of a southern Baptist minister at a fundamentalist meeting in the Deep South of the US not an intelligent LIBERAL party in a Western democracy. It was a truly sickening moment. Our decisions should be based on reason, not hatred.  

23 Dec 2014 @ 13:31 by Irfan @ : wfZPqOJCbxITALmOA
If “all questions are wlcmoee in an unselective and un-spun way, then I congratulate you on this innovative and refreshingly open medium – especially so when juxtaposed with the policy of dealing with questions and interjections adopted by the Walter Wolfgang-ejecting People’s Party.Moreover, may I urge the Lib Dems display enough confidence in their policies and politicians to continue to include off-message questions and not just the mix of sycophantic and at best trivially unobtrusive – sometimes even apolitical – filtered offerings we’ve come to expect from occasions when mainstream parties organise “questions and answers sessions”? I genuinely believe this would show the party to its full strength – unashamed of its positions and clear on the inferences that’ve led to each policy.  

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