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 Article Views2004-11-30 01:25
by Flemming Funch

I'm trying to produce statistics on how many views each article gets in this weblog program. Which is more tricky than it might seem.

One can either see articles in the front page, the most recent at the top. Or one can click on a detail link and see it in full. Now, if the poster has chosen, like I do, to put the whole article in the portion that shows on the front page, the only reason to click on the detail link is if one wants to leave comments. Or it is if one comes from an outside link, which normally will link to the full article.

So, I can easily count how many people view the full article by itself. But many more people will just read it in the front page. So how do I count that? I do have a log of accesses to the front page. But how much of that would I count as views of the individual articles. Like, if there are 10 articles that show in the front, do I assume people only read the first one, the first two, or all of them?

I suppose I can make some arbitrary assumptions. Like, my current plan is to apply all views of the front to all articles posted within the last day before that, or the most recent 3 articles, whichever number is highest. That's maybe reasonable fudging, but not exactly 'correct'.

If, for example, I don't get around to posting anything for a week, then lots of people will come by and they'll all see the same article at the top. And when the stats are added up that article will look like it was terribly popular, even though it wasn't.

And then there are RSS feeds. Should I not count them? Should I assume that each RSS user looks once at each of the articles they pick up?

Hm, maybe that's why I notice no other blogs having view counts for their articles. Nobody knows how to calculate them. But then again, I don't really see anybody else having graphs for number of overall readers, and that's a good deal easier to calculate.

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30 Nov 2004 @ 07:57 by Chris @ : Maybe...
You could just put just a short introduction to each article on the front page, and then just include a "more" link. On the other hand, I like the blog the way it is now, cause it's like reading a newspaper.  

30 Nov 2004 @ 08:18 by ming : Intros
Yeah, me too. It makes the front page longer, but easier to read, I think. I don't think I'd sacrifice the big overview just to get more correct numbers.

So I'll have to install a counter in your eye balls.  

1 Dec 2004 @ 17:43 by Chris @ : Well
The way things are right now is enough of 1984 for me.. - lol a counter in my eyes. I could send you an email each time I read an article.  

1 Dec 2004 @ 21:19 by zeuscalius @ : you could...
you could just ask us, the readers, to please click on the full article page to help calculate it. Or possiby
add some extra thing on the comment page that people could enjoy, although i'm not sure what. As it is right now I only open up the comments page of an article i really enjoyed and i want the stable link of. So it appears i don't help your counter either. Maybe a poll?
hehe i got dojudo! [whoo*HA]  

2 Dec 2004 @ 14:46 by ming : Stats
Well, I can't count on asking people to click, as not everybody would do it, and it is a bit of a waste of their time if they already have read the article.

The number of views of the full article is probably the best indicator of popularity. But I want to approximate the total number of views as well.  

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