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Google Suggest Dissected

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 Google Suggest Dissected2004-12-18 16:24
by Flemming Funch

Chris Justus diggested the very cool Google Suggest. The code is absolutely brilliant and uses a bunch of tricks that few people knew about. I didn't even realize there were functions that could pick up live XML data without reloading the page. As he says, that's going to raise the bar for what we expect from webpages. I just have to figure that out and do some cool things with it. Apparently most of the major browsers support the necessary functionality. Which means one can do web apps that work much more like "real" apps, in terms of being responsive and picking up data from a database without having to reload the whole thing. It is still a mystery how google's servers can respond so damned fast, though.

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19 Dec 2004 @ 06:05 by EdKnight @ : Google suggest
Interesting application. I found that looking for suff that truly interested me offered suggestions that were close, word wise but were distant from what I wanted. Looking for sillier or commercial products however, the suggestions were much more on target...fart spray was suggested acurately. google knows my thoughts. time to put the aluminum foil hat back on.  

31 Dec 2004 @ 17:17 by ming : Higher priority
They might simply make sure that they have their servers or access points distributed well, to minimize the number of steps to go through to get to them. And that they spend a lot of thought and resources on accomplishing that. And it might mean they make their own direct connections to some of the key routers on the net. I don't think it is that they get special treatment otherwise. Any ISP or content provider would need to do the same thinking, and if they have enough resources, they might do something effectively about it. But bigger players can negotiate better, in terms of who will want to have peering arrangements with them.  

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