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The Internet as a weapon against terrorism

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 The Internet as a weapon against terrorism2005-03-10 20:44
by Flemming Funch

Dan Gillmor is in a working group on terrorism and the internet at the International Summit on Democracy, Security and Terrorism. This is some of what they've come up with:
1. The Internet is fundamentally about openness, participation, and freedom of expression for all -- increasing the diversity and reach of information and ideas.
2. The Internet allows people to communicate and collaborate across borders and belief systems.
3. The Internet unites families and cultures in diaspora; it connects people, helping them to form civil societies.
4. The Internet can foster economic development by connecting people to information and markets.
5. The Internet introduces new ideas and views to those who may be isolated and prone to political violence.
6. The Internet is neither above nor below the law. The same legal principles that apply in the physical world also apply to human activities conducted over the Internet.
OK, and then a number of points related to terrorism, which are good. Specifically that decentralized networking might be the best tool for combatting decentralized networks doing bad things. And that the best response to abuses of openness is more openness. In other words, the response to terrorism shouldn't be increased censorship and control and secrecy. The antidote is widespread open collaboration and sharing of information. The internet can provide a connectedness that can far outweighs the divisiveness that terrorists might hope to create.

Here are commentary from John Perry Barlow who's in the same working group. He's not sure it is going to make all that much difference at that conference.

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10 Mar 2005 @ 21:52 by swanny : Definition
Kofi Anan makes a good point though
is that we don't really have a good or modern
definition of terrorism but I would argue
that is it something we really want or should
define or is to define it to be caught up in
its grip. It is interesting that terror and territory
seem related somehow though yet the internet is
sort of a limitless virtual territory.
Hmmm seem to have lost my point.
Rather than trying to define terrorism
would it not be better to define the kind of
world we had or have or want, sort of rather
spend the attention and debate on the constructive
rather than destructive aspect. All the attention
on terrorism only seems to .... well give it credence
or effect. Why not rather foster the constructive?
Well no we can't exactly ignore it but perhaps invalidate it  

21 Apr 2016 @ 08:32 by Charlotte @ : TLGUEsOFbeKtEu
IMHO you've got the right anrswe!  

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